Saturday, 6 January 2018

Happy New Year

Well it's going to be a busy year for us. Our house is on the market, yes we're on the move again! 

I love my new diary and decided that a bigger format would be required for 2018. The RNLI have produced this great diary, just perfect for me don't you think?

I had a nice couple of weeks off at Christmas but Hubby was working and then this happened at 6.30pm on Christmas Eve-an exploding glass oven door.

Which? has an article on it and are asking people to report this to them with photos. You can find out more HERE. It is rare, but it can happen to any brand and in our case is probably due to a fault in the tempered glass. The manufacturers have been great, it's out of warranty but they are replacing the glass free of charge and an engineer is booked (although I have to pay for the visit).

It went with a real bang and then the sound of glass falling, we had no idea what was happening until we ran into the kitchen.

Christmas Dinner 2017 was tinned curry for hubby and ham salad for me. Thankfully I had bought a bag of salad just in case we fancied a sandwich or I would not have had much to eat. Still, we enjoyed our day and were thankful there were no injuries.

Hubby continues to make great progress with his health and enjoyed working with a part time job over the holidays. We feel as if life is getting back to normal. Moving house is part of this new phase in our lives and something we'd been considering for a while.

We may stay in Devon or we might be tempted back to North Yorkshire. We were considering Scotland but we were unsure of the health system and particularly access to services for Hubby if we were somewhere remote.

So I will attempt to blog regularly even though time is very limited and will keep you up to date on our house progress. On my wish list will be a big garden, full of trees, hedges and wildlife and a place to keep chickens, as well as a greenhouse and a large grass area for the dog to play. An aspect that delivers lots of sunshine even in winter, no 'down a dip' or on a north facing hillside.

Let's see what 2018 brings.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a healthy, peaceful and productive 2018

Friday, 22 December 2017

Dolphins in Torbay 22nd Dec

We've been treated to a large pod of Dolphins in Torbay over the last few weeks. I've seen them several times and every morning for the last three mornings. I brought my camera along to see if I could get them on film. It's not great but I'll try again over the holidays and see if I can get closer.

It was a beautiful morning with a lovely glow in the eastern sky

Dolphins weren't the only things in the sea 

The sun came out and shone on the fields making everything bright

Harry enjoyed his walk and here he is with one of his pals Ben

The sky was changing and the clouds were getting thicker but the light was beautiful and the sea so calm

The sun shone from the east on Torquay, but the dark clouds were gathering and the sea looked like a mirror

We've got a lot of things going on at the moment which is why taking photos and posting anything on the blog has been difficult. My hubby has a new job and we've decided to move house once again. It's a shame after all our hard work but we've decided that this house is not for us.

Not sure where we'll go, we might stay local or move back 'up north' although I don't know how we'd cope with the cold. It's been like a spring day today.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas
Best Wishes