Thursday, 28 June 2018

Spring and Summer at Cockington Country Park

It's been a while I know, sorry folks. House moving and house searching as well as settling into our rented house has taken up a lot of time and energy

After dropping Hubby off at work, I drive on to Cockington almost every day to walk Harry before I start work 

It's a beautiful place and this first set of photos were taken in mid April after the snow and flood water had gone

Agatha Christie used to visit her friends at this Manor House in Cockington

The Church of St George and St Mary

By mid May we were starting to see green leaves and cherry blossom

This tree is a sweet chestnut and over 400 years old

The Park was getting ready for its Sculpture Trail and the dogs seemed to find it fascinating with many stopping to bark at these full sized sculptures

A month later in mid June and just look at the Rose Garden. It's absolutely stunning. My camera phone just doesn't show its true beauty

We've had no rain for many weeks, if not months now and the little streams that run through the park have more or less dried up. This is no good for a water loving Springer Spaniel. Can you see Harry in the muddy ditch?

Doing what comes naturally to a Springer-getting very muddy and having a great time

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather
Until next time, take care all

Friday, 2 March 2018

A Snowy English Riviera

Harry didn't mind playing in the blizzard on Wednesday morning, just the start of the bad weather.

Rare images of the snow in Broadsands area of Torbay

Deep drifts in my back garden starting to melt this morning

My favourite photo

 Video of Harry in Snow
Click here to watch Harry playing in the snow

Today Friday 2nd March we have severe flooding and extremely high winds, but the temperature has risen to 1.8 degrees so feels almost tropical.

Many sea birds are sheltering in the flooded car park and on Broadsands Green. I saw Herring Gulls, Black backed Gulls, Black headed Gulls and lots of Oyster Catchers.

It's the most water I've ever seen in the car park, it looks more like a marina!

The back door of the little cafe - you can see how high the water is. That'll need a clean out!

It's stormy times like these when you see the impact of all the plastic and rubbish that's floating about in the sea. It washes up on our beaches.

Glass and plastic bottles, wood and planks with nails sticking out, polystyrene, plastic bags, sandwich wrappers, chocolate wrappers and lots and lots of blue plastic drums.

I noticed the debris from a beach hut washing up on Elberry Cove this morning and there was plenty more floating in the sea. 

I hope you are all keeping safe wherever you are
Until next time