Friday, 2 March 2018

A Snowy English Riviera

Harry didn't mind playing in the blizzard on Wednesday morning, just the start of the bad weather.

Rare images of the snow in Broadsands area of Torbay

Deep drifts in my back garden starting to melt this morning

My favourite photo

 Video of Harry in Snow
Click here to watch Harry playing in the snow

Today Friday 2nd March we have severe flooding and extremely high winds, but the temperature has risen to 1.8 degrees so feels almost tropical.

Many sea birds are sheltering in the flooded car park and on Broadsands Green. I saw Herring Gulls, Black backed Gulls, Black headed Gulls and lots of Oyster Catchers.

It's the most water I've ever seen in the car park, it looks more like a marina!

The back door of the little cafe - you can see how high the water is. That'll need a clean out!

It's stormy times like these when you see the impact of all the plastic and rubbish that's floating about in the sea. It washes up on our beaches.

Glass and plastic bottles, wood and planks with nails sticking out, polystyrene, plastic bags, sandwich wrappers, chocolate wrappers and lots and lots of blue plastic drums.

I noticed the debris from a beach hut washing up on Elberry Cove this morning and there was plenty more floating in the sea. 

I hope you are all keeping safe wherever you are
Until next time

Sunday, 18 February 2018

House News and Winter Flowers

Well folks, the house by the sea has sold and the sale is progressing well. Decisions ahead about where to buy next and whether we keep our beach hut plot or give it up.

The snow should give you some idea of where we've been recently. Here we are in North Yorkshire overlooking the hills of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Harry had never seen snow and even though it was only a light covering he enjoyed running around as usual.

Very dog friendly area to visit with your four legged friends. Here's Harry's selfie in the Bolton Arms, a great pub in Leyburn where we enjoyed a delicious evening meal next to a roaring fire.

We have travelled more than one thousand miles over the last few weeks looking for a new house. From North Yorkshire to East Devon/Dorset border, across Devon and the South Hams and we still haven't found anything suitable.

No time to ourselves and my garden magazines are stacking up. I've only just taken the wrappers off. 

Meanwhile the front garden is reminding me how pretty it is with a lovely selection of flowers.

Let's hope something we like comes up for sale very soon. Perhaps we should keep the beach hut plot after all...we might end up needing somewhere to stay!

Until next time
from a house hunting SeagullSuzie