Sunday, 28 April 2013

A day trip to Bath


A rare day off work for both me and hubby and a planned trip to Bath. We had tickets to a show at the Komedia to see an American guitarist called Robben Ford The show was great and the venue beautiful. It was an old theatre called the Beau Nash Cinema and is a grade II listed building. Sadly it was boarded up for a few years before Komedia took it on and I have to say did a great job restoring it.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring arrives in Brixham

Spring is here in Brixham at last. We've has some lovely weather over the weekend.

Very unusual to have daffodils still in flower here, but I do love these with their orange centres.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Isle of Soay Sheep

I took a wonderful walk along to Berry Head this afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse of these sheep. They were put onto Berry Head last week and I hope they like their new home.

Having a rest after a busy morning grazing

Hopefully they will help to keep the wonderful eco-system on Berry Head in good order.

They are very hardy originating from St Kilda in the Western Isles of Scotland.

Soay Sheep are very small and these seem quite tame-not sure that's a good thing!

I was able to get fairly close, but also an excuse to try out my new telephoto lens.


They haven't moved far yet, I guess they are just getting used to the locals!

A primitive breed of sheep

Friday, 5 April 2013

I didn't buy it on eBay!

I bought a sewing machine. To be honest a new wheelbarrow is further up my list of priorities, and maybe a new ceiling in the garage. However in my efforts to support local businesses, I went into town to a recently opened business called  Brixham Sewing Box. What a great idea for a new venture. They run sewing and knitting workshops too-so I must sign up. 

I was looking for some advice on sewing machines for complete beginners and to my delight they had some old reconditioned ones. I know many of you sewing experts will now be laughing at my naivety. I tried a few out and decided to buy one. Its an old Singer from 1975. 

Now I could have just gone onto eBay and bought one, but that's not what I'm trying to achieve living here. I bought it because the pedal felt nice to operate, the motor was more powerful than some others and it had the manual. So I sat half watching TV and learning how to fill the bobbin and thread the needle-yes I'm really that much of a beginner!

I was really enjoying the whole experience and looking forward to my sewing projects-a few cushions and a matching throw for the main bedroom, a cover for the spare room bed and then onto something much bigger-blinds for the conservatory. I'll be just like Kirstie Allsopp I thought. When my husband spoilt the whole image by telling me that sewing is the new big thing in the celebrity world and Claudia Winkleman has a new programme out. 

Thankfully I bought my old machine before the price went up!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Do you hate seagulls?

A Soap Box Post
I just can't understand anyone hating an animal so much that they want to kill it, eradicate it or persecute it. 
Guess it doesn't take much to see the clues in this blog that I'm a fan. 

In fact I really do love and care about wildlife in general and sea birds are the same to me as garden birds, foxes and badgers.                

                                  It seems we either love them or hate them!

OK, they're big, they steal our chips and ice creams, and splat on our precious cars.
My washing gets a few direct hits now and again-but not as often as I thought it would.

None of these are pleasant things and I do feel sorry for people who are swooped on-its not a great experience (its happened to me too) and little children are an easy target and no match for a big bird.

Maybe you are encouraged by some of the posters depicting our wildlife as thugs every time you go to the seaside? 

However if you go into a town or city at the weekend you'll find much worse, plenty of thugs, fights, vomit, litter, urine and a whole lot more. If you feel so strongly about bad behaviour then please start with humans first!

Please don't feed seagulls, watch out when they have chicks about, don't wave your food around outside, put all litter into the bins provided and do your best to encourage others not to feed them....but please don't hate them.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Would you cut short your holiday?

Out walking today I met a lovely family from Leicester. They love Brixham and come on holiday here a lot. It was the first time the weather had been so cold and windy and they were thinking of going home early. As I walked along after our chat, I thought about all my family holidays by the seaside years ago when I was a child. No matter how bad the weather we never thought of going home early. Maybe it was because we only had one holiday each year and going back to our house in the city was not something to look forward to. Maybe home is a better place than it used to be for many people and that's a good thing. However I just cant imagine my family saying come on kids its too cold lets go home early and we'd all cheer and pack our suitcases!