Sunday, 28 April 2013

A day trip to Bath


A rare day off work for both me and hubby and a planned trip to Bath. We had tickets to a show at the Komedia to see an American guitarist called Robben Ford The show was great and the venue beautiful. It was an old theatre called the Beau Nash Cinema and is a grade II listed building. Sadly it was boarded up for a few years before Komedia took it on and I have to say did a great job restoring it.

A walk around Bath was not easy with shopping bags and a dog, so I didn't get too many photos. The shopping areas are lovely. There's a newish bit near the train station which has been well done and contains all the high street shops, however further away from the station are all the older buildings with independent shops and it's lovely.

We also went to the park quite a lot where it was easier to sit down and rest and take a few snaps. This is part of the Royal Victoria Park, 57 acres and quite beautiful and peaceful.

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