Friday, 5 April 2013

I didn't buy it on eBay!

I bought a sewing machine. To be honest a new wheelbarrow is further up my list of priorities, and maybe a new ceiling in the garage. However in my efforts to support local businesses, I went into town to a recently opened business called  Brixham Sewing Box. What a great idea for a new venture. They run sewing and knitting workshops too-so I must sign up. 

I was looking for some advice on sewing machines for complete beginners and to my delight they had some old reconditioned ones. I know many of you sewing experts will now be laughing at my naivety. I tried a few out and decided to buy one. Its an old Singer from 1975. 

Now I could have just gone onto eBay and bought one, but that's not what I'm trying to achieve living here. I bought it because the pedal felt nice to operate, the motor was more powerful than some others and it had the manual. So I sat half watching TV and learning how to fill the bobbin and thread the needle-yes I'm really that much of a beginner!

I was really enjoying the whole experience and looking forward to my sewing projects-a few cushions and a matching throw for the main bedroom, a cover for the spare room bed and then onto something much bigger-blinds for the conservatory. I'll be just like Kirstie Allsopp I thought. When my husband spoilt the whole image by telling me that sewing is the new big thing in the celebrity world and Claudia Winkleman has a new programme out. 

Thankfully I bought my old machine before the price went up!

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