Friday, 12 April 2013

Isle of Soay Sheep

I took a wonderful walk along to Berry Head this afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse of these sheep. They were put onto Berry Head last week and I hope they like their new home.

Having a rest after a busy morning grazing

Hopefully they will help to keep the wonderful eco-system on Berry Head in good order.

They are very hardy originating from St Kilda in the Western Isles of Scotland.

Soay Sheep are very small and these seem quite tame-not sure that's a good thing!

I was able to get fairly close, but also an excuse to try out my new telephoto lens.


They haven't moved far yet, I guess they are just getting used to the locals!

A primitive breed of sheep


  1. Thanks Suzy, I hope to follow them as they get used to the place. I keep counting them to make sure one hasn't fallen off the cliff edge!

  2. Those are wonderful images of the sheep I hope they are settling down well in their new home!
    Sarah x


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