Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring arrives in Brixham

Spring is here in Brixham at last. We've has some lovely weather over the weekend.

Very unusual to have daffodils still in flower here, but I do love these with their orange centres.

This is the crab apple, just about to flower. I had a visiting female Blackcap eating the last of the apples but was not quick enough to get the camera out in time.


The primroses have been out for ages, but are still looking so good. This bed is south west facing, goes along a path at the bottom of the garden and the bumble bees love it.

I love this wild primrose just peeing out amongst the foliage. I am lucky enough to have plenty of these about the garden and I propagate them to spread them about.

This is my new apple tree which was given to me by a lovely couple who gave up their allotment. Its about 5 ft high and a Bramley. When I opened the bag holding the roots and soil, a lovely toad had taken up home inside. Thankfully I saw it and was able to relocate it to a pile of wall stones which I made to house frogs and toads.

Pulmonaria which I brought from my old garden. It was given to me by my very good friend, so I didn't want to leave it behind. It took a while to find a sheltered spot in my garden

Peony-just about the only flower growing in this garden when we moved in. I went out early this morning and took this picture. There is some dew on the bud which I hope shows up.

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  1. Beautiful images of spring from your garden. We have lots of pulmonia in our garden too, they seem to enjoy appearing everywhere!
    Sarah x


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