Friday, 10 May 2013

My holiday at home

I've just had a fantastic week off work, and had a real holiday for a change. My friend Kathy came to stay and we went out and about every day. My feet really hurt we walked so much! I planned the days out before Kathy came and we were very lucky to have had such good weather. No housework was done, just eating out, drinking just a little and eating lots of ice cream, oh and dressing up as a pirate for the day!

Baby Adder
 This is a baby Adder, it was tiny, we nearly missed it. However when you meet mum and dad, they are huge and hiss a lot if disturbed. Dogs often get bitten by them and it's quite serious if they do.

The picture above is St Marys Bay. Its a long way down and a hard walk back up! We had a great walk along the South West Coastal Path from here to Berry Head and saw lots of lovely things along the way. SPF30 and sunglasses were required with plenty of stops for a sit down, just looking out to sea.
This field belongs to one of the holiday camps and backs onto the Coastal Path. I just couldn't believe how many daisies there were on show in the sunshine. It looks amazing in real life and as I could not get over the wire fence, I had to get the camera lens through the gaps in the wire to get the photo.

Daisy field
Walking along the path now towards Berry Head this little sail boat came around the cliffs, the first of many sailing boats that we saw during the day. They launch at Torquay, Paignton, or Brixham and then travel around Berry Head to Dartmouth. The wind was light and the sea calm-so just perfect.

Sailing on a calm day
We saw some local wildlife on our walk. This is a Wheatear, we saw the male and female patrolling the same bit of cliff and watched them for a while.


My favourite little sheep, the Soays. They have moved to a safer place and this one just peeped around the corner for me to get a great picture. I think this one must be the bold and cheeky one...all the others ran away.

I'm braver than the rest
And now it's really showing off for the camera

Bet you can't do this?
We have walked further around and Berry Head is right in front of us but still seems far away

If you look really closely at the image below there are little white dots on the cliffs, these are the breeding Guillemots, the camera could not get a closer view. There are now about 1,100 breeding pairs.

Guillemots at Berry Head view from the Hide
Finally got to Berry Head. Its the smallest but highest lighthouse as it's nearly 60 meters above sea level.

The Lighthouse close up
Welcome to Sarah Barker, KC'sCourt and Suzy at RusticVintageCountry, its lovely to have you following along.


  1. Loved the adder pic and the sheep too- amazingly agile. Glad you had a nice week off.

    1. Hopefully I'll get some adult Adders too, if it's nice and warm this year. I saw a female last year, she hissed and shot across the path right in front of me-no chance of getting a photo!


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