Sunday, 19 May 2013

Orange Tipped Butterfly

Out on a walk to Berry Head during the two lovely days of sunshine we have just had here in Brixham I spotted a butterfly. At first I thought it was a Large White but then just caught the flash of orange. For once I had my camera with me ready to shoot and got a couple of nice images of the male Orange Tipped Butterfly.

I tried to capture some of the Whitethroats and other birds that are always around on this part of the South West Coastal Path, but it turned into the KitKat advert with the pandas! Because I had my camera ready there was not a single bird in sight!

So here are a few more of the path and vegetation instead, at least the butterfly put in an appearance on my way back home which cheered me up. One thing I have learnt is that the female does not have the orange tips, she looks more like a White at a glance. So I will have to take much more notice in future. A lot of Speckled Woods flying now and we will have Gatekeepers later on.

I found out more information and great images from UK Butterflies website They also include marvellous images of the eggs, larva, and pupa so you can identify them at all stages.

This last image is on a shady bank on a steep rough incline. You come around a corner from a warm flat area where the Speckled Woods fly about to this cooler shady spot full of flowers.


  1. We don't get a huge number of butterflies here, mostly cabbage whites who eat all M's veg and so are not popular with him at all! They are such lovely things. Our local NT woodland have been cutting paths through the trees to make the butterfly migration easier.

  2. We saw ouyr first orange tipped butterfly in the garden this weekend. I am envious of your photograph of it. The butterflies always seem to move to fast for me! What a beautiful bank of wild flowers too.
    Sarah x

  3. Hello, I enjoyed this post about your local butterflies, and you have some wonderful views from the coastal path. The wild flowers are lovely, too.

  4. Its great that there are lots of butterflies here. Not sure I'll be lucky enough to catch them all on camera. I once had a peacock butterfly land on my shoulder when I was sitting in the garden. I've started a new page on the blog listing wildlife I've seen each month. Wendy, I've been looking at your blog and now see how fabulous your photos are, the close ups are amazing. Are they mostly taken in your garden?


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