Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tiny Torbay Film

Take a look at this great film from Original Concept. Its based on the rather peculiar visitor attraction of Babbacombe Model Village and film from around Torbay which has used a technique called Tilt Shift making everything minature. The film is just fabulous.

Babbacombe Model Village is very nice and they must spend a lot of time gardening and maintaining the sets.

Babbacome itself is a lovely part of Torbay. Babbacombe Downs with its marvellous views, the beaches at Babbacombe and Oddicombe and the lovely little Cliff Railway are the best parts.

Hello to Gemma following this blog


  1. I've spent many happy times at Babbacombe and especially love it up on the downs. I have a friend who used to live just outside St.Marychurch, so lots of free weekends away! x

  2. Its a really lovely place. Been there many times, as a child, took my children, now I'm looking forward to taking my grandchildren.
    Julie xxx

  3. I enjoy watching this film it was great the way it combined real life and the village. I saw glimpses of Brixham too!
    Sarah x

  4. I think this is still one of the nicer parts of Torquay. The town centre of Torquay has gone downhill in the last few years, but lots of effort by shopkeepers, and some of the council members to try to get it back on track again. Lots of money being spent on regeneration and improvements too. Parking prices are a extortionate and it's not helping. I've got some nice pics of St Marychurch churchyard and square, when my friend came to stay, which I'll post soon. Thanks for your comments. Suzie


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