Friday, 28 June 2013

A visit to Dartmouth

Dartmouth is not far from Brixham, so it's quite easy to hop on the ferry and spend a few lovely hours in this beautiful town on the river Dart.

I just love the ferry crossing, never mind the shops and restaurants!

The council run Lower Ferry has been overhauled and had major work done to both slipways (having been closed for several months). In the photos below I'm waiting as a foot passenger on the Kingswear slipway, so here's the ferry coming in.

The tugs got a new coat of paint too and are looking lovely in their new grey and orange colours. During the day these two tug ferries run from opposite sides of the river.

They carry up to eight cars and numerous foot passengers. There is also the Higher Ferry which is privately owned and rather posh compared to the Lower Ferry. It runs a crossing lower down the river and is much bigger and smoother.

We always get the Lower Ferry it's more fun!

There are plenty of shops for the tourists but also a really good mix of homewares, clothes, jewellery, shoes and bags, plus art and sculpture (and a Marks & Spencers... hooray).

Dartmouth shop owners make a real effort to show their shops off and I wish Brixham would do the same.

There is a lovely market square which holds regular markets each week and the council have been working hard to promote it with the stall holders.

I love sitting on the benches along the marina watching the world go by. The river is so interesting.
Dartmouth has a lovely little theatre called The Flavel which we go to regularly.

Royal Avenue Gardens is a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the flowers and plants (and eat a sandwich without being mugged by a seagull).

This beautiful boat flowerbed is just being finished off, so I could not get a photo without the barriers.

There is some spectacular architecture in Dartmouth and I have only snapped a few buildings this time.

I almost forgot to tell you about the railway. Brunel's intention was to build a bridge across the Dart, so the Station building was built, but after lots of trouble from the rich local landowners Brunel never managed to persuade them to bring the line to Dartmouth. The building is now a restaurant.

Here's a few more images of Dartmouth to finish off with. I hope you enjoyed the mini tour. 

Ladies...want to visit Dartmouth and do some serious shopping, we have just the place for your husbands!

P.S. I have updated the Seagull Sagas page with photos of fluffy chicks and a traumatic story about the Douglas family.
Enjoy your weekends, I hope it's sunny. Its almost 30 degrees here, I cant do a thing in the garden without almost melting (strawberry and lime cider chilling in the fridge for later).

Monday, 24 June 2013

Supermoon not super photos!

Hubby told me about the moon over the 22nd and 23rd June, so I made a decision to try to get some photos if the weather cleared. Yesterday was not great but it picked up later and the sky cleared at about 8.30pm. So I asked Hubby if he'd like to take a walk along the South West Coastal Path to see the moon rise with me.

Sadly it was still misty over the horizon so the Supermoon came up in a haze. I tried lots of times to get a decent photo but I'm afraid they're not great. However we did have some wonderful bats flying around us as we walked. 

I like this one as I just managed to get a seagull flying past.

 We walked back home in the beautiful twilight.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day out to The Lizard, Cornwall

At last the time together to take a day out. So off we went to Cornwall and some places we have both wanted to see, Kynance Cove, Cadgwith and Lizard Village.

Kynance Cove is quite breathtaking and I would recommend a visit there to anyone thinking of going that way. The photos just don't do it justice. It was very, very windy, but bright, sunny and sort of hazy.

It's now owned by the National Trust and they have been looking after it for about 14 years, restoring the cafe buildings and maintaining the paths.

It was so windy that I had to either lean on Hubby or sit on the ground with the camera against my leg to keep it still enough. The tide was just going out, but with the strong wind the waves were spectacular and the sound crashing against the rocks was mesmerising.

Here's a view from more than half way down to the beach and cafe.

Hopefully you can just make out some people standing on the beach on the right hand side, waiting for the tide to go out further.

On our way back we walked inland part of the way to look at all the plants and escape the wind a little. I saw a butterfly I did not recognise (and I think Em from Dartmoor Ramblings blog saw the same-see her latest post) and beautiful plants.

 I know this is a rose but no idea what its called. It was very pretty and dotted about all over the area.

At Lizard Village we walked down to the coastal path and saw these lovely banks filled with wild flowers.

We went across to Cadgwith and I have to say it was very pretty and a real surprise. The car park is very low key and surrounded by trees and shrubs and bursting with birds and insects. Then there is a little wooded path that brings you down to the village, right past houses and gardens. Hubby was way ahead of me as I kept stopping to take it all in and get a few snaps. The only one I have of the path is apologies for the quality, but you get the idea.

Then you start to see glimpses of the sea over peoples garden fences. It was so much fun I could have spent an hour just wandering down this path and checking out the plans in the gardens.

Now that's what I call a garden shed!

And we're still on the way down the path

And my favourite...of course!

And here we are finally at the bottom of the path and into the tiny little harbour.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of the very south of The Lizard. Its's got to be my longest post yet! I'm so glad we went before it got very busy in full tourist season. Oh, I nearly forgot to say we had some Roskillys Ice Cream, which was absolutely delicious.