Sunday, 7 July 2013

Berry Head Plant Hunt

On Friday morning I went for a walk up to Berry Head to try to photograph the flowers and plants I had seen earlier in the week. So off I went with the dog and camera in the beautiful sunshine. I don't know the names of all the plants, although I've looked quite a few up, there are still some that are unidentified. If you know them, please let me know.

I've discovered that I'm no good at setting the camera properly to deal with depth of I'm going to practise this week! I love the blue sea colour in this one.

I like the lichen in a perfect circle in this one

 The following two images are of bugloss I think

No idea what this frothy yellow flower is

I know this is the seed pod for the rock-rose which is all over parts of Berry Head, It's almost gone over now but I managed to find a few flowers still about and I think it's beautiful.

 I love that there is still some dew on the petals

A lovely orchid still in flower, again there are a lot of these about early in the year, but I only found a couple on Friday

This I'm sure is kidney vetch. I love it.

Meadowsweet is beautiful and I'd really like to get some growing in the garden.

A very tiny and pretty little plant, but I have no idea what it is

And another, this is even smaller that the above plant, but it's tucked into all sorts of spaces

I love the way plants grow on and around the rocks. I've never sat down before to take a good look. I'd love a macro lens to get better images.

 More lichen, just beautiful colours and textures

There are a few plants in here but one looks like some sort of sedum

Not sure what this one is

Bladder campion. This grows along the coastal path and in my garden too, it looks so delicate

Not a great picture but just to give you an idea of how crammed full of plants the rocky edges are

Valerian is all over Berry Head, the coastal path and in my garden. I love it when the colours are mixed together-sadly these mixes happen right at the end of the cliffs so I decided not to try whilst holding onto the dog and the camera.

We have lots more flowers and plants, some of which I identified. Spurge, wild carrot, scabious is everywhere, mayweed, and the lovely bee friendly knapweed.

I'm sure as the seasons change different plants will appear and disappear so I've decided to try and capture this each month for the next 12 months and see what we get!


  1. I think the tiny white ones everywhere might be heath Bedstraw but I'm not sure. Wonderful botanical tour - thank you!

    1. I'll have to really brush up on my knowledge of plants and flowers Em. I can always ask the rangers too. The visitor centre has a board of what's been sighted and what's growing/in flower, I wish they'd put it on line.

  2. What a wonderful post - really enjoyed so lovely to see all your local wildflowers and great photos :) Look forward to seeing how the flowers change each month :)
    Agree with your id's - I saw lots of Viper's Bugloss last week at Portland Bill - such a pretty flower.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Berry Head is beautiful all year round and there is always something interesting....I've set myself a challenge to find it all now!

  3. Lovely photos of a wonderful variety of flowers. And they have that gorgeous background of the sea, too! I'd like to grow Meadowsweet here as well, I did try and grow some by the pond but it didn't take. It is a beautiful plant.

    1. Thanks Wendy, I'm going to try Meadowsweet, as the other local plants that I've introduced into the garden have taken well, so I might have a good chance, I think.

  4. It was lovely to see all these wonderful wild flowers your photos are so good. My favourites are the lichen and the pink of the valerian against the sea. We have meadowsweet in our garden, it is so pretty and reappears year after year.
    Sarah x

    1. So sorry for the late reply-I must have mised it. Thanks for your comments. I really enjoyed my morning out taking these. I think I will try and buy some meadowsweet online.

  5. My husband comes from Brixham and we often go to visit relatives. Whenever we visit we try and take a walk out to Berry Head. I love seeing the wildlife there including the plants. Here are some of the ones in your photos: Viper's bugloss, Lady's bedstraw, White rock-rose, Kidney vetch, Dropwort, Common century, Wild thyme, English stonecrop, Sea campion, Red valerian. I saw one of the real rarities for the first time this year:
    Honewort. Loved your photos.


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