Friday, 2 August 2013

August Garden Selection

August has started well here in Brixham with some lovely warm weather and quite a lot of sunshine. Here is a selection of things from the garden this week.

Lets start with a nice jucy moth....and of course I don't know what it is!

And then a few butterflies

 Meadow Brown
Comma taking a rest on the path

Lovely Red Admiral (in fact today there have been several around the garden)

A few things from the pond-yes more nymphs and dragonflies still emerging from the pond

Some pond snails...and there are two frogs in here...hurray, but they were camera shy!

Plenty of these in the garden, all slow worms welcomed and encouraged.

A this hedgehog poo?

A seagull update...because I'm a seagull hugger!

The MD chicks growing very fast

The Hoppy Family

Now come on guys, you are way too big to be still hanging around

 but we love you mum!

The Magnolia chicks - I have rescued the smaller of the two chicks twice. It came off the roof and was totally lost and unable to fly back up. I managed to catch it on both occasions and throw it back onto the roof to be reunited with its family. This is a picture from this afternoon.

 Is it just me or do the flowers on this buddleia look like birds?

Sparrows are alive and well in Brixham and eating all my bird seeds (there are 12 in this family)

And ending on a sad note with todays news
In memory of Daniel Pelka


  1. I think the moth could be a Wood Tiger- glorious, well done getting the pic. B'flies all super, pond is looking great and fab to have two frogs. I love the seagull chicks and wonder if the poo could be a toad? The flowers do look like birds!
    Desperate about that poor little boy, I was in tears yesterday. Hideous.

    1. Ooh I never thought about toad poo! We do get hedgehogs but I haven't seen them for a long time so was hpoing this was a sign they were back. I was really struggling with my emotions all day really and like you I cried.

  2. The moth in the first photo is gorgeous. Can't help with the hedgehog poo I'm afraid! The seagull story is an ongoing delight and yes, I see the buddleia birds, almost look like ducks. xx

    1. My first rescue of the chick was last Sunday morning at 7am-so I was down my neighbours drive throwing a chick back up. The next was Tuesday morning when it ended up in the road. Imagine this sight....seagull chick running down middle of road, me running after it and a bread delivery lorry behind me. No way was I going to move as it would have been run over! Once caught I tucked it under my arm and walked back up the road where I threw it back onto the roof....oh such stress!

  3. Wonderful photos as always of all your garden wildlife. Great to see that the Seagull chicks are growing so well and I love all the Sparrows. I can see the birds in the buddleia, too!
    And it was a terrible story - so dreadful to think that such a thing could happen.

    1. Thank you Wendy. The seagull chicks, like all birds are great to watch. I always feel really thrilled to have held a wild animal. I have found that by holding their beak closed and covering their eyes they stay calm and so don't alert the parents. Sparrows are such busy little birds in the garden, I've bought a 12kg bag to keep up with them.
      Not one person helped that child and I just can't forgive them for doing nothing.

  4. Lovely to see your garden wildlife and some great photos. Could be hedgehog droppings - look similar to what we have had in garden although I haven't seen an actual hedgehog for a coupe of years. You might be able to see fragments of insects in the droppings. Yes, I can see the buddleia birds too :)

    1. I will inspect them next time (hubby will think I'm mad) and look for insects. CT says they may belong to toads and I know we have plenty of them so may be these are. Glad to hear it's not just me with the buddleia birds!

  5. How could a human treat their child like that? Unbelievable.

    Your pictures are gorgeous and I love the buddleia birds. How fantastic to have slow worms in the garden. I thought of you last week when Brixham was in the news...Moretonhampstead was there this week too, which is about seven miles from here. Devon hits the national headlines!

  6. Thanks Em, just realised I can't type properly with this new laptop-it's so different from my works computer that I keep missing/hitting all the wrong keys...!
    I love the slow worms and do everything I can to give them a place to stay. At first I thought I'd been looking at too many seagull chicks and was seeing things...but they really do look like purple birds don't they!

  7. Lovely purple buddleia birds! I wish ours looked like birds! With regards to the beautiful moth, I think I may have plumped for Jersey Tiger?!

    Fabulous that you have emerging dragons and superb slow worms. Your garden must be the most wonderful wildlife habitat!

    1. Thanks Lou Mary, yes I think it's a Jersey Tiger moth too, as they are in Devon and now apparently London areas. I found another along a path this morning. I just can't believe there have been so many dragonflies in this little pond which has only been in over a year. I'm doing my very best for wildlife and I love having the slow worms-I just need to work harder for the common lizards, I found a baby one a couple of years ago one September but have not seen any since. I think the saying is 'build it and they will come' :)


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