Friday, 13 September 2013

A Walk Around Brixham

Today I decided to make a break for it and get outside for a while at least. It's very warm and humid but rainy at times, even so I risked my feet getting wet by wearing sandals.

Here is a little tour of some of the back streets above the town in Brixham. It's really worth an explore as I came across some lovely cottages. I hope you will agree that this must be one of the most spectacularly decorated houses you've ever seen!

 I love this brass bat door knocker

Pretty cottages and lovely house signs

A new and great little pub in Brixham

A beautifully decorated cottage window

Now I think I should get this one for my house

........but perhaps not this one!

 Church Street, very pretty and hidden away

 I wanted to have a little explore of all these alleyways and steps

At first glance I thought it said Shoveover Cottage....well why not!

Ah, now a look at my garden this morning.
This beautiful dove stopped for a rest and a bathe in the fresh soft rainwater.

A lovely but very large clematis and there is a bee inside the middle flower

Japanese Anemone looking great everywhere at the moment

I have no idea what this flower is but it's quite pretty

A new shrub for the garden with its bright berries, Pyracantha Orange Glow

I have had the most hectic two weeks, and had not even picked up my camera until today. Builders working on the downstairs cloakroom and utility-which meant the entire contents of this room ended up in the hallway for a week.
My dog has been seriously under the weather with a terrible double ear infection and only had the all clear on Tuesday. At last he is back to normal after about 3-4 weeks of treatment and vet visits, eye drops, ear drops, pain relief and antibiotics.
Poor hubby had man flu and was quite unwell for about a week, and then of course he shared it with me! With a mountain of washing (due to the washing machine sitting in the hallway) and paperwork to do, I have finally caught up today, hence my escape for a few hours before lunch.

I am so sorry that I have not had time to look at any of your lovely posts over the last week or two. I'm now sitting down with a cuppa and will take time to catch up on the posts I've missed.
Have a good weekend


  1. Brightly painted cottages look just right by the sea and that one is delicious. LOVE the ancient narrow alleyways, you can just imagine the early days of Brixham when you look at them. That sign would be perfect for you as long as you tippexed "Suzie's" in front of the seagull. Would they notice if it went missing?
    The mystery plant looks like a variety of osteospermum or spoon plant. They are fab aren't they? Hope your week settles down now and all the turmoil and illness is past. CT x

    1. Thanks for the plant ID. I didn't plant it but it's lovely and it's very welcome in the garden. I could see the cottage when doing my keep fit class in town and kept thinking I must go and have a closer look.

  2. Suzie,
    Sorry to hear that you have had a hectic few weeks with all of you ill, glad to hear you are all feeling better. Your walk around Brixham was wonderful. I loved the first house - it is amazing and the new pub looks good too. Your garden pictures are lovely too, at least the dove was enjoyed the rain!
    Sarah x

    1. The dove looked so happy to have rain on its back-all the pigeons and doves have been using the bird bath which has had tap water in it. Lovely to all be well again and see my dog look so happy. The pub is beautiful inside too.

  3. What lovely decorated cottages! I would LOVE to live in a house that looked like that one day!

    I too seem to have my first cold of autumn, didn't hang around in catching it!!

    1. The inside looked very interesting too-crammed with stuff. I wonder how long it took to stick all the decorations on the front?

  4. I love those cottages especially the first one - just so cute :) I haven't been to Brixham for years and love seeing it through your eyes (and lens!!!). A wonderful place to live.

    So sorry to hear of your hectic time recently and illness. Hope you and husband feel better soon and glad to hear your dog is recovering.

    1. Many thanks. The toilet leaked onto the new floor...aaagh! So the poor builder had to come back twice, it was not his plumbing after all, it seems the toilet pan is faulty. So I'm still without the loo downstairs. Never mind it'll all be sorted soon. How can anyone like new houses when these lovely places exist?

  5. I've seen some of those cottages in Brixham - they are glorious!
    Your flowers look lovely. Sorry to hear about you dog, do hope things are looking up for him
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. He's asleep next to me as I type, snoring! Nice to have him back to full health. I love Japanese anemone, they are showing their beautiful flowers over the tops of walls and fences everywhere I go. I have yet to go to the St Marys area-some amazing cottages and buildings there.

  6. Hello

    What a lovely blog as I sit on a coffee break working from home gazing out to the rain, bright gorgeous colours I loved the look of The Manor is it a shop ?
    The flower you have is a type of osteospermum, sadly cant grow them up here.
    Annie x

    1. Thank you Annie. The Manor is a new pub, it's beautiful inside and the couple who own it are working so hard as it's a completely new venture for them. It's really a very nice quality place to go. Thanks for the id on the flower-I love the bright blue centre colour. All things grow amazingly well here.


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