Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Newfoundland Dogs at Dartmouth Regatta

Last Saturday I went over on the ferry to Dartmouth especially to get a few photos of these wonderful dogs and their teriffic owners working for childrens charities.

Here I managed to get two dogs running off the jetty and into the water after their owners

But there are three, and they swim out and pick up the people in the water so easily and with such determination

This picture was before the jump-they are waiting fairly patiently on the jetty here

This dog is preparing to jump from the boat and rescue four people

I can't remember this brown dogs name but it is the oldest dog and will retire from these fundraising events this year at 8 years old. It is very strong and although I couldn't get the picture it can pull a boat with two people to shore.

Two beautiful dogs looking so happy wet right through!

I took a lot more photos but that's probably enough for now! Here are some images of the Dartmouth Regatta 2013

 The food is spectacular at the Regatta and so much to choose from

Royal Navy display-jumping from the plane and landing in the River Dart - a real crowd pleaser

The crowds still arriving in the late afternoon by steam train at Kingswear

And finally....I'm on the ferry going back home


I have a link to the Newfoundland Friends website on the blog, if you'd like to know more about what they all do and why they do it.

We have had more great weather over the last week or so and Brixham is very busy. Some rain is forecast for Friday and the garden and birds could certainly do with it. My bird bath is very busy, so I'm sure the birds will welcome some lovely soft rain to wash in.
Enjoy the rest of the week


  1. Those dogs are amazing. Looking at the food has made me hungry, having just got back from swimming and still minus breakfast! Great post- enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks CT. We saw these dogs last year and I was determined to get to see them this year. The regatta was a great success and very busy with the sunny weather too.

  2. Super photographs - what a great day out :)

    Wonderful to see the dogs in action too - what great work they do.

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1. Many Thanks. People had picnics, blankets and chairs all along the harbour, the main car park had a funfair and the streets were closed and filled with stalls instead. The lovely park was the food and music area! It's great to see the dogs doing what comes naturally-they are so devoted to their owners too.

  3. I am sure that I left a comment on this blog ? ?
    Absolutely used to love visiting Dartmouth and taking part in the regatta.
    Thanks for reviving my memories.

    1. I read on your blog about how you visited Dartmouth and other areas in Devon. Dartmouth Regatta is very family friendly now and there are so many things to do. I wonder if it was always like that. I'm not sure if you missed my post on Dartmouth a few months ago, here's the link just in case

  4. What a lovely day you look to have had! I bet it takes a while to get the tangles out of the beautiful dogs fur!

    1. I'm sure it does, they are huge dogs and smell really doggy when wet-I don't think I could have one sitting on my sofa!


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