Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Calm Before The Storm

Early this morning I went for a walk along by the breakwater and on to Shoalstone. It seems a shame to stay in bed when there is an extra hour to be had in the day. This morning I got up to a bright and breezy start to the day.

 Brixham was looking lovelyin the early morning sunshine


A lot of boats are in for the next 24 hours and the marina was looking very busy

The Breakwater, provding well needed shelter for the port

A few adult seagulls and chicks having a rest on the rocks

Walking on along to Shoalstone here's one of our bright little shelters. In the summer they are packed full of tourists just sitting watching the world go by

Looking across the Breakwater to the Astra Zeneca building with Furzeham above and more houses on the edge, although they do have great views

At Shoalstone now and getting some close ups of the rocky edges and pebbly beach


The sea is so calm at the moment


Seaweed in the sunshine

Plenty of boats will start to come into the bay today for shelter against the storm. I could see this massive ship getting closer, but more were on the horizon

Along Shoalstone are huge flat boulders with lovely patterns, they make a great resting spot too

Breakwater lighthouse in the distance surrounded by calm waters

This is a view of where I have just walked along taken from the Breakwater earlier this summer. Hopefully you can just make out Shoalstone Seawater Pool

A couple of my favourite shots from the Breakwater. This was the old pontoon for boats to re-fuel

A pretty boat tucked up safe in the harbour

On my way back home I saw the stained glass door of a cottage along the marina

I hope you are all tucked up safe and had a lovely rest this morning. Sadly it will be much darker this evening. Until next time from a bright but windy Brixham

Friday, 25 October 2013

Newt Rescue and Garden Pictures

Whilst out walking the dog I found this poor little guy on the pavement. I couldn't leave it to die there, so I picked it up and spent the rest of the dog walk with a poorly newt in my hand.

Something tells me he's not so well

I still put him in the pond just in case it revived him

Sadly poor newt was too far gone when I found him, but at least he didn't die squashed on the pavement

I've been getting along with the hedgehog house and fence holes. So here's a few pictures to show what I've been up to

Hedgehog holes along the wild garden boundaries 15cm x15cm

Here is part of the wild garden that I'm still developing, with large stones for the frogs and toads, chipped garden clippings and a wildlife pond

The pond isn't finished as I have to complete the borders but there are frogs already

The hedgehog house finished, waterproofed and in position. It's full of leaves and under a huge shrub

So here it is tucked up nicely. I hope I get a resident

Some images of the garden near the house and another little pond, where the dragonflies energed and my new bird table which was a birthday present from hubby earlier this year.


Wednesday was a beautiful day here in Brixham, very sunny with beautiful blue skies. So I went out a took a few photos of what's going on in the garden. I was joined by my pretty little rock dove (or feral pigeon) who comes to see me every day for some seeds.

The crab apples shining brightly in the sun

The passion plant produced lots of fruit which have ripened into lovely orange fruits which the birds and snails love

A lovely viburnum flowering now

Jasmine (jasminum officinale) just turning colour. I hope it's mild enough here for it to survive although it is in a sheltered spot

More autumn colour from cotoneaster horizontalis which is just about to go into the wild garden by the new pond

The new leaves of buddleja plants are a beautiful silvery colour and much softer than the old dark green leaves

The sun was shining hard onto the leaves of phormium jester and created this lovely texture

I feel that this will be the last of the good weather here for a while as there is a weather warning of a massive storm, called St Jude heading our way this Sun/Mon. We are so exposed here so I'm sure it'll be pretty bad.  On Monday wind speeds of 55mph were recorded at Berry Head. Although I feel they are just preparing us for the worst as it's not clear that it will hit us. I will prepare the garden anyway, putting everything into the garage and moving pots into sheltered areas.

I forgot to tell you that I recorded over 60 swallows flying overhead on Friday Oct 4th. The weather was warm and dry and that count was only over 30 minutes between 6pm and 6.30pm. I wonder how many more flew over that I didn't see earlier in the day.

Congratulations to Brixham for making the headlines with the highest value fish catch in England valued at £27 million. Brilliant news for the fishermen and our little town.

Em from Dartmoor Ramblings has been busy recently. I have bought her beautiful and original Christmas cards, and also asked Em to sketch one of my cats. Thanks so much Em, just like CTs Teddy sketch, I love my cat sketch.

Welcome to some new followers Amy from lovemademyhome and Kique at pinceladasdelanaturaleza

I hope the weather will be better than predicted and that my greenhouse will still be standing when I next post!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Broadsands Beach

One thing about being a dog walker and living by the sea is that the dogs on the beach ban arranges your walkies calendar for you. There is no sadder day than 1st May and no happier day than the 1st October (in terms of dog walking that is) for us all.

Now our weekends, tides permitting, will be filled with lovely visits to our local beaches and a meet up with all the doggies and their owners that we have not seen for the last five months.

The car and house will be filled with sandy boots, towels and dog beds for the next seven months and Christmas Day morning will be spent on the beach too.

Today the weather was still and fairly mild, and the terrible rain forecast for the south has yet to arrive. So with the low tide on our side we went off to Broadsands Beach for our walk. The sand is quite red due to our very red soil here. Next to the beach are fields usually populated with cattle and often with pheasants too.

Broadsands Beach is situated just outside Brixham on the way to Paignton. It's a lovely curved sandy beach with rock pools at one end and the promenade above.

Brand new beach huts have just been installed and unusually they are pastel in colour, I think I prefer the much brighter colours. However behind the beach huts are woods, fields, a park and mini golf course, so maybe they wanted them to blend in rather than shout out.

More houses on the edge! I would be seriously worried about landslip living here. The only reason the cliffs have been maintained so far, is due to the steam railway which runs along this stretch just below the houses and just above the cliffs.

The beach is always full of birds of all kinds. This morning the crows were enjoying a seafood breakfast

.........and the gulls were taking a bath

As well as birds and dogs we had a horse and rider galloping along the beach. I spoke to the rider as her horse was a real beauty and not at all afraid of dogs (as some very silly owners could not control their dogs around horses and seemed incapable of attaching a lead). This horse is an ex-racer and was beautiful to watch and hear.

Looking for breakfast and bobbing about on the gentle waves

Colourful seaweed

Hookhills Viaduct designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel

It's a beautiful sight to see the steam trains crossing the viaduct. I can hear the toot toot of the trains in my back garden.

The road to Broadsands Beach goes under this viaduct and I love passing under it, thinking about the genius who designed it

Oh well as I type the rain has started and the temperature has dropped from a very reasonable 15 degrees to 11 degrees. However we have a lovely dinner to look forward to and are all dry and rested, so no need to go out again.

Work takes me to London next week. I never look forward to it. After living in this lovely little fishing town of about 17,000 people and surrounded by sea and fresh air, I can't cope with all the people, smells and pollution. I shall come back tired and weary, but oh so glad to be home.

Hello to new follower Tony, welcome aboard.

Hope you all have a good week ahead, until next time.