Friday, 28 March 2014

Brixham Marina In Still Weather

We have had such beautiful weather recently. I took a walk down to the marina on a sunny and wonderfully still morning and took a lot of photos. 
I'm warning you now that there are a lot of boats in this post!

Sadly the adverse weather has put an awful lot of tourists off making bookings in the South West. Figures show a fifty percent reduction on last years bookings. 

Yes, we have some damage here and there, and the railway line repair is almost finished, but the South West is definitely back on track for the tourist season.

The fishing industry is to receive money to help with lost fishing gear and damage to boats and equipment. More help is on the way allowing quotas to be carried over, which means our fishermen can catch more to make up for lost weeks and months during the storms.

I thought Brixham looked particularly beautiful on the morning of my walk

The storms seem so long ago now and tourists have been spotted arriving

I just love the reflections in the water

Now, I'm attempting to be artistic no laughing please! I have walked along this part of the marina for years and somehow never really noticed all this old ironwork.

This one below is my favourite

The Pilot Boat Celia T was busy this morning and came into the harbour to help out a fishing vessel

The Olive-C from Plymouth moored up at Brixham

The Pilot Boat has now attached itself to the fishing vessel and is taking it out of the harbour

I walked all the way round the harbour and it was so peaceful

It's now been a year since I started this blog and the time has flown by. I have really enjoyed the experience and meeting and getting to know all the lovely people who follow and comment 
on my posts. Thank you all so much for following along. I hope the next twelve months will be just the same, with plenty of new things to photograph too.

Have a great weekend in the warmth that is predicted, we've just had a couple of days of very cold north easterly winds and heavy rain showers.

Until next time, take care and happy blogging

Friday, 21 March 2014

Ladybirds and Flowers

It really has felt like spring here in Devon. In Brixham we've had almost two weeks without rain and mostly warm sunny days. It has felt like a breath of fresh air after our terrible storms and it's giving everyone a chance to dry out.

For an hour or so last Sunday I managed to get out into the garden with the macro lens, it was such a beautiful day and this is what I captured.

Daisys are one of my favourite flowers and I love to see a lawn covered in them, although I'm sure those wishing for a perfect green lawn would not agree!

A beautiful daisy bud

I'm not sure what this insect is, perhaps some sort of hoverfly?

Dandelions are not my most loved plants but the Goldfinches love to feed on the seed heads so I try to leave a few about

Clematis Montana has come back to life and will soon be in flower-I can't wait

I assume this Ladybird is just resting on the snail shell, rather than eating some of the slime?

It's been so mild the pelargoniums have stayed in flower in the greenhouse

I spotted this Ladybird in the grass so lay down and caught it on camera doing Ladybird things

Just getting ready to open its shell

..........and we have lift off!

A selection of flowers from the garden, although crouching down to get these shots I did have very wet knees

I'm sorry that I have not been posting regularly over the last few weeks. Other things have taken up my time, including decorating two rooms (which has made me incredibly tired), work and all the ususal stuff that gets in the way of the pleasurable things in our lives. I have missed commenting on quite a few posts recently, but I have been visiting briefly to check on what you have all been up to.

This weekend we are off to Bournmouth International Centre to see the Four Tops and The Temptations in concert, with The Platters and Freda Payne as special guests. It'll be great and we are so looking forward to it.

I hope you are all looking forward to a nice weekend whatever you are doing and that I shall get back to a regular blog land service soon
Bye for now

Monday, 10 March 2014

Paignton Zoo

With the house feeling so quiet we decided to go off to Paignton Zoo for a few hours. It's a beautiful place, the grounds alone are packed with an amazing variety of plants and trees. In the summer the botanical gardens are worth a visit just on their own.  

We started off in the the aviary where some garden birds have settled in well.

The ducks were mostly resting as it was not warm and sunny

The best I could get, a handsome creature having a mid morning snooze

.....and the not so handsome!

The gardens at Paignton Zoo are beautiful even in winter

Orang Utan mum with new baby

Seagulls taking advantage of feeding time with the Collared Peccary

We've just woken up (two Capybara) warming up against the brick wall

Around the lake in the Wetlands area

The wonderful gibbons, who live freely on Gibbon Island. They have the most wonderful calls, which can be heard all over the zoo.

The latest addition. A new female Rothschild's giraffe born on 25th January and staying close to mum. Last year a male calf was born in August but sadly died.

Some lovely birds to finish off in the Wetlands area

There were plenty of animals that were not out as it was a little bit cold on the day of our visit. The monkeys in particular were staying warm inside.

Thank you all for you kind comments on my last post and I think I've caught up with all your posts over the last week or so. Hello and welcome to some new followers Maribel, and Jane and Lance. 

I'm off to London with work again this week. The journey will be an hour longer than normal due to the damaged railway line at Dawlish, so that means 4 hours from Paignton to Paddington, with a bus journey added on. I will leave the house at 05.40hrs and get back home at around 21.15hrs. Such a long day, but my hubby will drop me at the station and be there to pick me up which is nice.

I hope you are all getting some of the lovely sunshine that's about in the UK at the moment. We have just had four beautiful days with sunshine and a little mist and haze over the sea. The garden has been full of bees, butterflies and ladybirds and the seagulls are busy reinforcing their territories and bonding with their mates.

Have a good week ahead