Thursday, 19 June 2014

Four Weeks To Go And Nowhere To Live!

Hello All
Many thanks to those who have emailed to see how we are doing. I've been trying to get a post out for weeks but time is flying by. I'm still in a panic. We just can't find anywhere and to be honest hardly any houses have come onto the market that are suitable. Between work, domestics, house searches, cattery searches, rental property searches, packing and garden clearing and maintenance I'm worn out....well that's what happens when you move house!

So enough of my moaning.

I managed a walk a couple of weeks ago and took these images. I love this little sparrow chick being fed in my garden.

Rabbits in the field on the walk down the lane to the coastal path

Horses in the same field

I just managed to catch a seal on camera

An assortment of birds along the path

Fulmars-I've had no time at all to walk along the path to see if the Fulmar chicks have hatched

The meadow where the Buzzard hunts was looking beautiful

Cormorant chicks-never seen these before so it was a real treat

A Herring Gull chick shares the cliffs with the Cormorant chicks and families. There are chicks everywhere at the moment and they are so lovely to watch.

Looking out to sea at Berry Head with the Meadowsweet looking very pretty

Lots of Guillemots in the sea around Berry Head

In full song

So folks I'll leave you again for a few weeks and who knows we may have found somewhere by then. I'm so sorry I can't keep up with your posts and I can tell you I'm really missing you all right now.

Take care and until next time