Thursday, 31 July 2014

Visit to Living Coasts in Torbay

Hello All
Finally back to normality after our house move. We are settled in to our rental property nicely and have already been back to work.....the time is flying by.

We had a day off after all the stress and went to Living Coasts Coastal Zoo (which is part of Paignton Zoo). It's quite small but beautifully placed looking out to sea over by the harbour in Torquay. We stopped for lunch at Below Decks Harbourside Restaurant and had a wonderful meal. I'm only mentioning it because if you ever visit Torquay it's so worth a visit for great food and location.

Here are some of the images I took, using the Nikon camera and lens this time, which I still love and think that the quality of the images are just a little better than the Panasonic Lumix.

Tufted Puffin

Inca Terns

They get their red beaks, legs and white moustaches after one or two years

Love this Inca Tern chick

The African Penguins are great fun to watch

Having a bath to cool down in the hot weather

Macaroni Penguin Chicks

What a tubby little guy (the water mist is working in this shot so you might be able to see the droplets)

What a cute and tiny little chick staying close to mum or dad

Red-legged kittiwake guarding her nest and egg

More chicks in the waders estuary, very well disguised

Plenty of beautiful birds to capture on camera.


Going for a walk with mum

Beautiful Avocet

Oyster-catcher lurking and looking a bit scruffy

An interloper, a thrush having a sun bath and molting by looks of things

In the seal enclosure....whilst you were sleeping....

Some divers came in to clean your windows

Algae had built up on the windows quite quickly in this sunny hot weather, they have almost finished this window. The divers were very entertaining, waving, blowing bubbles and generally enjoying their job!

I will be out and about with my camera as soon as we are a little bit more familiar with the area. It's very different to Brixham, lots of woodland, country parks and surrounded by countryside, although we are so close to Newton Abbot and only about 15 minutes drive from Totnes.

Wishing you all a good week ahead
SeagullSuzie miles form the sea!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Moving House Next Week And A Stick Insect

What a crazy few weeks we have just had....never again! We found a house, we were buying a house,  and it all fell through on Monday, yes this Monday just gone.

So I had a mad day finding somewhere to rent, luckily a great house came up where the landlord was happy to accept four cats and we move in next Thursday.

Did I say never again?.....well I'll say it once more, never never again am I moving house once we find our next home.

I'm not normally given to bursting into tears (unless it's an injured animal) during the normal pressures that life brings, but Monday was without a doubt an exceptional day and I cried twice. 

I've had to say sorry to Karen at Whites Removals when I cried over the phone as she told me next Fridays previously free moving us in date was gone...I sobbed so hard on the phone I could hardly say my telephone number back to her. The next time was on the phone to my poor husband who was at work and having a bad day himself.

Never mind all sorted now, our rental is lovely and Whites Removals sorted it out by bringing our schedule forward one day, so they arrive on Tuesday to start packing and move us in on Thursday.

I have had absolutely no time to do anything nice, however for the first time ever in the midst of all my chaos, a stick insect decided to make an appearance on the front wall of my house. So everything stopped to find my camera, take a few snaps and download here it is!

I hope you are all well. I'm sorry I've had no time to reply to your last kind comments or catch up on your lovely blog posts. We are both looking forward to moving in to our rental next week, picking up the cats from the cattery the following week and having a well earned rest.

I'm not sure how co-ordinated our phone and broadband supplier will be and if it'll all go according to plan (we are supposed to be up and running on Friday 18th July with super fast fibre), so there may be a delay before I can start blogging again. 

Hopefully in about two weeks time I'll have found the camera, the laptop, all the wires and plugs and be back to normal.

Bye for now