Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Paignton Zoo Visit

Paignton Zoo has fabulous animal enclosures

 I'm not a fan of cages or visiting a zoo to stare at animals for my entertainment, however the enclosures here seem to me as good as it gets and that's why I am a member. We go back regularly to support the zoo and enjoy a walk around the beautiful gardens.

 The Lemurs are released at various times of the day out into Lemur Wood, it's a fantastic and very large enclosure. Above you can see them walking along the rope bridge mixing with us humans using their beautiful tails to balance. 
One or two jumped down from the trees right next to us. It was great fun.

I have difficulty with the owls always wishing their enclosures were bigger, but they are in a heavily wooded area which is nice and quiet and they have room to fly about with trees. You can just make out the netting which covers the trees and encloses them. I saw this beautiful bird awake and managed to get a photo through the netting.

The lions were on the prowl

The gardens are coming along nicely and this is a huge bank of wildflowers opposite the giant tortoise enclosure.

I appreciate I haven't got anything in the photo to give you a perspective of the size of these wonderful creatures and this looks like it could be a small domestic tortoise. This beast is over 1m long, high and wide and their enclosure is just wonderful.

 Some of the beautiful ferns on the way to the reptile house. Look away if you don't like snakes!

 I'm awake
 ssssoooo am I
 Snake skin having been shed

 Guarding her eggs which you should just about make out in the photo below. This crocodile is about the size of a sofa!

The orangutans Mali and baby Tatau

 Sir David Attenborough was filming at Paignton Zoo for a day for the third series of Attenborough's Natural Curiosities. The zoo has an excellent enclosure for orangutans. 
You can read more about the story here

I loved our day out at the zoo. It was so nice to get away from all our house hunting and enjoy taking photos again. We ate ice-cream, sat and watched the animals and walked around for a couple of hours...just perfect!

I hope you have been able to get out and about too, either on holiday or just to spend a few hours relaxing somewhere close to home

Until next time