Thursday, 30 October 2014

Illustrated Guide To Torquay (1930-1931)

A few Fridays ago I decided to take a quick walk around Totnes before lunch. It was busy but not heaving so I had a very pleasant walk up one side of Fore street and back down the other. The shops are varied and interesting and I was able to simply amble about, popping into whatever shop took my fancy, but determined not to spend very much or bring home more 'house things' before we move.

I certainly achieved my spending goal starting out with just £5 cash in my pocket. I bought a little red book about Torquay from a shop selling all sorts of items.

The book looked old and had folded maps inside of Torquay, Paignton, Dartmouth and South Devon. Combined with wonderful old advertisements and information and photographs of Brixham, I though it looked different.

When I got home I sat down with Hubby and showed him my 'big spend' I'm sure there was a sigh of relief that I managed to come home from Totnes without using the credit card!

I was fascinated with this little red book, it contained far more interesting information than I first thought.

Better look it up on the Internet then and see what I've got!

What a huge surprise, it's a 1930-31 Ward Lock & Co guide book with a 1920's cover (which changed design in 1931). I obtained all the information from this website Many Thanks guys.

So here it is....
Look at the Torquay hotel tariffs!

"little difficulty will be experienced in finding cover and attention for the car"

I laughed out loud at the cautionary notes "townsmen unaccustomed to the open"

Just look at the number of spaces for motor parking

"Torquay is frightfully hot in the summer"

Meadfoot Beach

I loved reading about the different types of bath available, and then was quite worried about 'electric baths'

Tor Abbey

Babbacombe Beach (where I have sat with friends and family and enjoyed a cup of tea)

Paignton with a population of 15,000

The Paignton Pudding

Water polo and speciality 'plank riding' for entertainment in Paignton

Paignton Promenade

Goodrington looking quite different now

....and Elberry Cove looking exactly the same

...then on to Brixham

Sharkham Point with Berry Head in the distance

And finally

The amazing old adverts

And some quite sad adverts


In case you need something to read

I hope you have enjoyed this quick look through some of the pages of the Ward Lock & Co Guide with me.  I know it's a little different to my usual posts but it was way too good to ignore and I hope this has brought back some good memories.

All text and images belong to this guide. I have included the name of the photographer in each image. 
There is no copyright in the guide (I have spoken with Phillips Publishers who have advised that this book will be out of Copyright now). I have therefore displayed the pages as they appear in the book to provide information and share the history of Torbay in the 1930s.

Hello and welcome to some new followers and new visitors leaving comments on the posts, many thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the blog. I hope you come back again.

Until next time

Thursday, 23 October 2014

South Devon Steam Railway

As part of our day out to the Totnes Rare Breeds Farm we walked along the platform of the South Devon Steam Railway, which is just a short walk from Totnes train station and over the river.

Such a lovely station, and so much more to see and do than I can show in these photographs.

Fantastic old toilet block and inside was like stepping back in time (except for the hand wash and driers). Remember seeing this sign many years ago? I don't but my husband does!

We arrived just as it was opening, so I managed to take quite a few photos with no-one to clutter up the pictures. It was a very dull and cloudy morning.

I think I'd like to go back again and actually get on the train to Buckfast Butterfly Farm (and take a few more photos of course)

This is GWR 3205 and you can find out more by visiting this link. Built in 1946, she's looking good after a repaint recently.

All aboard........

Hope you enjoyed your trip!

After a very tiring and long day in London yesterday (and this time I managed to squeeze in two meetings), I'm having a rest and a catch up on you posts.

We are at last making some progress with buying our next home, so we both feel a little more relaxed that it will eventually be ours and before Christmas too (sorry to bring up that word now).

We have also contacted the Springer rescue centre we use, to let them know we will be in a position to take on a new dog soon and have had a chat with them about our needs (and the cats of course), so that really is exciting.

One last thing. I'm delighted that a Herring Gull image has been chosen as the winning photo to promote Devon during the Rugby World Cup in this photography competition Wish it was mine!

Have a good weekend