Friday, 21 November 2014

Pelicans and House Update

What an incredibly busy week this has been. The best news is that we finally got the sellers to exchange on Wednesday with completion next Wednesday. We move in a couple of weeks from now and will be settled at last in our new home.

Watching these wonderful gentle giants at the zoo must have had an effect on me last Friday. I stood in the beautiful morning sunshine beside the lake and took these photos on a proper day off.

My favourite image above. 
Clearing my mind of all the resent stresses meant I could see clearly and decided we had waited patiently for long enough concerning exchange. My monkey post on Monday said it all (and oh I did love that photo).

Apparently the Pelicans were unsettled and off their food due to a tree falling down next to the lake in last weeks storm, which brought gusts of wind at over 90 mph here.

Beautiful colours in the grounds of the zoo and lots of seed heads for the wild woodland birds

I was kept company by a Herring Gull who tried to steal my pain au chocolat whilst waiting for Pelican feeding time. It did not succeed.

Plenty of chicks about and fresh water washing going on.

Some fantastic monkeys at Paignton Zoo. These chaps live a good life without cages or bars and swing happily in the many trees around the lake areas.

Pelican feeding time and a real treat to watch them gliding over for catch of the day.

Plenty of birds on the lake

Flamingos having a rest and a preen on their quiet island, under a tree just turning for Autumn.

Busy birds swimming about on the lakes and many waterways around this beautiful zoo.

This was the best image I caught of the many Herring Gulls swooping at Pelican feeding time. Shame I chopped off the wing, but I love the blue skies behind and it catches the feathers quite well.

I leave you with an apology for not catching up on your posts over this last week..sorry folks.

Also to say that I'll be away from blogging for a few weeks now until we move house. I will keep popping by to see what you are all up to, when I'm sitting exhausted with a cuppa, a biscuit and in need of a rest, but don't think I'll be able to leave any comments.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay well and that your Christmas preparations go well.

SeagullSuzie signing out until just before Christmas
Bye for now folks

Monday, 17 November 2014

Not Happy Monkeys

We've had enough of being messed about in this attempted house purchase. Delays and excuses from the vendors. Full commitment from ourselves with nothing in return, not even an exchange of contracts after 4 months from our offer being accepted.

Mr and Mrs SeagullSuzie thinking hard about their future

Today is make or break day!

I'll keep you posted folks

Sunday, 9 November 2014

A visit to Shaldon

We visited this lovely little seaside village for a couple of hours a few Saturdays ago. It's exceptionally pretty and unspoiled considering its closeness to Teignmouth and Newton Abbot 
as well as some very busy main routes.
 Crossing Shaldon Bridge you get beautiful views up and down the Teign Estuary. The first bridge was built of wood in 1827 (no surprise that it rotted through woodworm infestation).

 The houses and cottages are picture postcard perfect and kept in excellent condition

Shaldon sits opposite Teignmouth and has been built on reclaimed land. Many of the buildings are listed and from the seventeenth century.

 I would love to have the doorway to my home looking like these ones

 Pretty gardens and quiet places to sit and watch the water. The river Teign starts up on Dartmoor and travels down creating wonderful mudflats (near the A380 Newton Abbot).

 The birds taking advantage of the boats moored along the estuary

 You have to remember to look up as well as across the water. The building in the top two photos is called Hunters Lodge and is a Grade II listed building currently for sale.
A little ferry boat will take you across the river to Teignmouth for £1.50 from the beach above and this passenger service has been in existence since the thirteenth century.

It wasn't a blue sky sunshine day, but Shaldon still looks beautiful even on a dull October afternoon. Well worth a visit if you are ever in this pretty area.

Our house buying is not progressing well and we feel a little downhearted by it all. We should have been in by now and we haven't even exchanged. Still, we cheer ourselves up by visiting the seaside as much as possible and our visit to Shaldon was a lovely surprise.

Until next time, take care all