Sunday, 16 February 2014

Assortment of Birds in Brixham Today

Today we took a walk along the coastal path towards Berry Head, and then down along Breakwater Beach and Brixham Marina. The weather was wonderful after a chilly start.

I was not expecting to capture this poor Buzzard being mobbed by the Herring Gulls. So it caught me by surprise and I was not quite ready with the new camera. The photos are a little blurred when enlarged sadly, but It's the best I've got.

A little further along we saw a pair of Fulmars flying and displaying but only just managed to catch one of them on camera, the rest of the photos were of rocks and sea as I just missed them! Again it's not a very crisp image. I think I need to look at the settings on the camera to make sure I'm using the best image quality.

Further along again Hubby spotted the seal, very far away, so this is not bad.

A beautiful Jackdaw looking out to sea

I'm trying out the scenic option on the new camera and It's quite a nice image, it also does panoramic, but try as hard as I could I just couldn't find it in the menu.

A few of the birds we saw along the way

I tried so hard to capture this Robin hopping about in the undergrowth, but it's so beautifully camouflaged here amongst the winter twigs and branches, that I lost it when it moved. Still it's the first clear image of a bird I've managed with the new camera!!

Some lovely marina birds

A pretty little Turnstone

You can see the dark glossy green plumage just showing and the crest on these Shags heads as they must be preparing to breed.

One of the pontoons is not open to the public so an assortment of birds gather here for a rest. I love the way the three are lined up with their heads tucked in.

....and the Great Northern Divers are still about in the marina

This morning a lovely Small Tortoiseshell landed in the garden and warmed itself for a few minutes, so I was able to go in and get the camera, half expecting it to be gone, but it was still there. 

All of the following photos have been taken with the Nikon 200mm lens and I can really see a difference in the quality of the images. Of course I'm so used to the Nikon that I can change the settings quickly to get the best image, so it's probably not a fair comparison just yet.

This beautiful and huge Bumble Bee was feeding on the heathers at the same time and I even had a Honey Bee land on my hand whilst I was taking these two photos.

A few cheery flowers are starting to appear in the garden at last

Well it was so nice to have a break from all the wind and rain. Brixham was busy with people out and about, feeling exactly the same as us no doubt. Hubby and I stopped at the Breakwater Cafe and Bistro and got a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea to take out. We sat on the beach eating our lunch looking out to sea, it was just perfect.

Hope you all have a good week ahead of you.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Sunny February Morning Walk Along Brixham Marina

...and the calm before the next storm! Oh not another storm...There has been so much damage here in Torbay and further up the coast, I feel so very sorry for people whose houses are in danger too. Take a look here at the severe damage at Dawlish and the railway line which is just suspended in the air.

This is the only rail route into Devon and Cornwall. Whilst it is a very pretty route, it has failed year on year with the storms we now experience, coupled with the fact that no money is spent to improve and protect it, Devon and Cornwall are left cut off once again.

I went for a walk in beautiful sunshine this morning with the dog and Brixham looked beautiful as always.

I managed to catch this rainbow, although the rain never reached Brixham

In the shelter of the Breakwater which is over half a mile long everything looks calm, and it is often full of seabirds taking a break from the choppy waters.

Parts of the town bathing in sunshine

The fishing vessels are all in and the Fish Market is jam-packed with boats

Three Brixham registered trawlers side by side

View of Furzenham houses from a distance

Lobster pots stacked high on the quayside

More fishing boats in and safe

Brixham Marina is currently full

The sun shining on the Breakwater Lighthouse

Below are a couple of pictures of the damage to the Breakwater Beach Managers hut foundations (on the left) and behind it, the actual Breakwater missing a considerable amount of foundations in one spot. It may not look that big but I could have scrambled underneath it.

I managed to catch one image of a diver of some sort but I'm not good at identifying these yet. Is it a Black-throated diver in winter plumage? As it's a winter visitor around the coast here, I'm fairly sure it is.

Typically they must have known I had my camera with me as not one could be seen close up (other mornings when I've not had the camera, the marina has been full of birds - from guillemots to black headed gulls. So this is a heavily cropped image.

Thank you all so much for your kind birthday wishes earlier this week. I had a lovely day which started with a walk on Breakwater Beach with hubby and the dog and an even better evening seeing Del Amitri in concert at Bristol, chocolate birthday cake and another piece of camera kit...the Panasonic Lumix FZ200. 

These are the very first pictures I have taken with it, and I must say it's easy enough to use but I did not have time to read the manual to find out about the focus or anything else. There is an awful lot of information flashing up on the screen which I took no notice of this morning, and I had no idea what to do about all the green focus boxes that kept appearing and changing! Some reading required then, which should keep me occupied during the storms.

I hope everyone is safe after the recent storms and will be protected during the next round coming in tonight.
Have a safe and happy weekend whatever you are doing.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Berry Head view from the sea and other things

On a boat trip last year we went around Berry Head land mass wildlife spotting-although we didn't see anything, but hopefully these images will show you Berry Head from the bottom up.

The south face of Berry Head where the Soay Sheep decided to stay for most of the summer to keep away from the uncontrolled dogs and their irresponsible owners.

The very end of Berry Head

You can see the extent of the quarrying in the picture above and below

This is the best image I have been able to get of the beautiful Shoalstone Pool in Brixham. Sadly there are fools at Torbay Council who just can't see the beauty in this place and it is constantly under threat of closure. What are they thinking of?

A couple of beautiful sunrises recently and these were hurriedly taken from the bedroom window.

A wonderful present, Ewean the sheep. I need to treat him with wood protection and then I can't wait to place him in the grass when the weather picks up. He is quite big and very heavy.

And now for some more macro photos.....I turned around on the sunny decking this weekend and this little bee was just behind me. It took a few goes to get him all in focus, but I got there in the end.

An evil looking fly which I found resting on a plant leaf

A couple of shells close up

More macro photos with the pets....poor things! I know I don't normally post about my pets but here they are.
I really like this one, as black cats are very difficult to photograph.

Whose ear is this...?

The very handsome Griffin of course, which Em from Dartmoor Ramblings sketched for me recently. Griffin is very happy to have his photo taken any time. I think the macro lens adds a softness to these portraits, none of these have been adjusted, just a light crop.

And last but by no means least, my dog having a nap in the sunshine.....a good excuse not to do the vacuuming!

Well the birthday has arrived and my new camera is next to me, so am just setting it up, although I wont have time to do much with it today. Have had a lovely walk along the marina with hubby and the dog and a walk along Breakwater Beach. Just got back for a cuppa and a pastry...yummy.

Thank you for all you kind comments on my new lens photos and birthday wishes, and hello to some new followers and visitors from all over the place. Thank you very much for stopping by. I will catch up on everyone's recent posts soon.

Hopefully my next post will have some wildlife images with the new bridge camera, there are so many sea birds about at the moment, I can't wait to catch them up close.

Have a lovely week