Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dust On Everything

...and the work continues!

What can I say but sorry for not replying to your comments on my last post. I finally got some time to post replies. Thank you so much for all you comments on the lovely Cirl Buntings at Broadsands.

Here's a quick overview of the work so far

The kitchen all ripped out

The outside looking like a building site

The kitchen is coming along nicely

Oh dear, this is my dining room!

So that means everything from the dining room is in the lounge, half of the lounge is in the office. Most of the kitchen is in bedroom three, the lounge and the office, the cat food is in the office (very smelly) as are the coats (very wet), a sofa and the plants (very crowded)...and me of course, trying to work.

Smelly toilet (the cloakroom) is in pieces to try to discover why it smells! Discovered the waste pipe was not sealed properly, which really means a total botch job from whoever installed it. They only bothered to seal the bit they could reach and left the rest.

New central heating is in and we are so warm and cosy. The electrics are a work in progress and still on-going.

All that on top of some unusual ill health for both of us...what a time we are having. Part of my foot has gone numb and it has been difficult to walk far. Having physio with plenty of exercises to do, so it is getting better slowly. An infected finger (on antibiotics),a  sinus infection, and horrible colds for both of us...I'm not joking, it's been quite difficult to take photos with all that!

A trip to the zoo

A rare trip out last Sunday in some sunny weather took us to Paignton Zoo for a couple of hours. When I took these photos I didn't realise this was mum with her baby under the sack cloth. When I got home and checked out the images I saw a little face tucked away.

How lovely to have some new followers, thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at the blog. 
I hope to start posting regularly as we are finishing all the major work soon.

Wishing you all well