Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New Garden In March

I thought you might like to see a few snaps of the garden I have inherited with our new home

Lots of plants are coming up, but I have not shown you a couple of areas that need some serious work

I have no idea what I'm going to do with some of it, but painting it one uniform colour is top of the list. I have a mix of green, blue and that horrible orange/brown paint and some bare wood too

There are some very pretty areas in the small terraced back garden and lots of plants in the front garden which I will photograph next time

So far I have seen shrews, mice, blackbirds, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks, wood pigeons, a goldcrest and a blue tit, so it's got potential.

I need to plant some buddleia as I haven't found any in the garden yet. There are lots of climbers coming up and so many beautiful bulbs in flower.

A new garden centre has opened quite near and I went for a visit yesterday. I could have spent so much money and had a lovely time looking at potential plants for the garden.

I joined the local library and borrowed a great book 'Success with small-space gardening' by Graham Clarke. It's given me real inspiration to get on with my little garden space and hopefully make it pretty as well as wildlife friendly.

Until next time, take care and happy holidays

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tropical Birds at Paignton Zoo

A well earned rest and a rare break with a trip to the zoo. I went straight into the Tropical House and Desert House for an hour. I love the Reptile Tropics and think I could stay in there all day. The birds free fly around the huge glasshouse and there are plenty of reptiles too.

I can't believe it's been two weeks today since my husbands operation. I thought he put it very well...it feels like we have lived a month in just one week.

Everything went very well and it was such a relief to get him home. The NHS is buckling under the pressure of cutbacks by our greedy, arrogant and short-sighted politicians. 
I could see these signs, but all the staff were wonderful and we have been so lucky, a lot of patients on that ward were very ill indeed.

Bath time

Display plumage

Love is in the air

A tropical take-away

Wonderful patterns

All loved up in the Desert Glasshouse

And lastly my favourite set of photos. It was so funny watching this pair.

 Look at me, look at me..!
Am I impressed?
No, I don't think I am! 

Life still doesn't feel like it's back to normal as recovery will take many more weeks, hubby has good and not so good days and I feel exhausted.

However spring is here, the clocks go forward and evenings will be brighter. Tourists will soon be here for the Easter holidays and there are signs of activity from shopkeepers, tour companies and the council putting the beach huts back along the seafronts.

Thank you all for your support and good wishes, it really does help.
Until next time

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Swans And Sea Birds

I should always take my camera...I should always take my camera....I should always take my camera!

We have a family of swans that visit Broadsands regularly. They come over from Goodrington Beach where Youngs Park has a small enclosed nature reserve and a boating lake. It's always full of sea birds, ducks, geese and a swan pair.

These are the cygnets alone at Broadsands without their parents, a good sign that they are starting to be come independent.

They seem quite successful and have several cygnets each year

It looks like this year they have managed to get three to a fair size and I expect they will be leaving the parents (or I should say they will be chased off) very soon, usually at about 7 months old.

I was very cross with myself as one evening we went for a walk and I didn't have my camera. Typically the parents were at Broadsands with their three cygnets and it was a beautiful calm evening-I could have taken so many beautiful images of the whole family together!

HMS Portland F79 came into the bay on Friday, a Navy Frigate with guns, torpedo's, missiles, a flight deck and hangar, with either a Lynx or Merlin helicopter on board. I managed to get a few snaps in the distance through a sea haze.

Two and a half days of electricians in the house, finally sorting out the rest of our electrics (they stopped to let the builders get their work done). So last week me and the cats were confined to one or two rooms down one end of the house and then moved back to let the guys work on the rest.

We've had some fun with unexpected plumbing work....but just like smelly toilet, it's all sorted now! So apart from a few small jobs we are all finished with the major work and builders, just the mammoth task of decorating ahead.

I hope that normal blogging service will resume now. I have missed so many of your posts, I'm sure lots of interesting things have been happening, and believe me when I say I'm sad that I've missed them.

I still have a numb foot and now the other one seems to be trying to join it...so off to the physio again today with two tingly feet (it's my heels that are mostly affected).

What a beautiful day it is today in Devon, I've taken today off to spend with my husband who goes into hospital for major surgery tomorrow. 

So many things going on these days and one of the reasons I got all the work on the house completed in a mad rush. I want him to be able to come home to a peaceful and safe environment, with no smelly toilets, dodgy electrics or leaky plumbing where he can recover and life can get back to normal.

When I look back it's really not been the best twelve months of our lives, but we do have a lovely home, sea views, a beach within walking distance..and of course each other...so it's not all bad!

Wishing you a lovely spring like and sunny week ahead
Until next time