Saturday, 25 April 2015

Brixham Boats

Blue skies and pretty boats in Brixham harbour last Saturday morning when hubby and I went for an early morning walk.

Comic murals on a wall by the inner harbour

Herring gulls looking for a suitable place to rest - a very nice boat they have chosen too!

......not so for the pigeons, who obviously aren't as fussy

The pigeons in Brixham enjoying these abandoned boats

A genuine pigeon hole

Another project underway-my office

The result of a trip to the new garden centre, I just couldn't resist!

...all these plants too, which cost just £5 from the bargain corner.

The pretty trellis was also bought there, I really shouldn't go with the credit card!

Very cute cat, once again snoozing in the garden

Hubby goes back to work next week. It's quite amazing to think how well he has recovered. We have really enjoyed our last week before his return. With walks and lunches taken on the beach in the beautiful weather, what more could we ask for?

It really does feel like spring is here and summer is on the way. You are all posting such lovely images of flowers, birds and moths, it's a great reminder of how much we all seem to love this season.

Until next time, take care all

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Easter Project

With recuperation going well for my husband, we have been enjoying lovely walks around our new home over the holiday period. So I thought I'd show you what we see as we walk along.

Elberry Farm in the image above is a small working farm which also provides bed and breakfast. It gets great reviews on TripAdvisor.

We walk past it most days down the footpath with hedgerows full of birds and lovely horses to look at. They sell their own free range eggs which I'm looking forward to buying from now on.

What I love about living here is the combination of a lovely small community, a farm with fields and horses, then the parkland and finally the sea. All so close to each other.

From our house I can often hear the horses whinnying, cattle mooing and the cockerels crowing.

You may remember that our house spent a few weeks looking like a building site. The area around the front door was such a mess and my Easter project.


I scrubbed the front door clean, rubbed down the render, pulled out about 20 wall plugs and screws, filled in the holes and put a coat of paint over the whole area.

And then I had fun lifting off slabs which had been placed over the soil. They were full of spiders and some seriously big ones too! 

Well, with a little bit of shrieking and jumping about, I managed to move them (the slabs not the spiders) and dug out all the old compost, filled it with fresh compost and planted up many of the plants that moved house with us. It was good to see my old friends settled into a fresh new spot with plenty of room to spread their roots and settle in.

Pretty pots with my favourite plants from my last two homes. I'm going to get a trellis for the wall as I have a lovely clematis settling in.

A regular visitor to the back garden.

Keeps the cat entertained....but not on this occasion!

I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow and planning a trip to the new garden centre...just for a look around of course! On Saturday we hope to get an early morning walk around Brixham in the sunshine.

I hope you all have a lovely sunny week ahead
Until next time

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Steam trains Seaside and Sunshine

It was lovely to see beautiful blue skies in Torbay over the holiday period and incidentally not at all what was forecast by The Met Office.

The locomotive is Goliath 5239 and was built in 1924 in Swindon. If you look carefully you might be able to make out that this engine is travelling backwards. They don't all do this, maybe it's to do with drivers vision on this particular loco.

The beach huts were put back along the promenade a week or so ago and owners have been busy painting them and stocking up for the summer season.

Below is a view across to Paignton and the pretty Goodrington Beach where the swans nest in the nearby nature reserve.

Plenty of people out enjoying the water over the Easter weekend and the beautiful blue skies

I saw swallows on the 2nd April at Broadsands and have recorded this with the Woodland Trusts Big Spring Watch

The Torbay Big Wheel is 60 metres high and weighs 365 tons. It has 40 enclosed gondolas and is situated at along the seafront at Torquay. We can see this from our house as it is directly across the bay. It may not look like it but I took this yesterday evening just after they lit the wheel up. Slightly blurry image as it was hand held and from the living room!

There are plenty of new shops and exciting events coming up for Brixham soon, so I hope to be out with the camera to catch it all on camera.

Happy spring watching
Until next time