Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Everybody Meet Rufus

Clues to what's been keeping me away from blogging over these last few days...where are we going?....and what are we going for?

Liver and white with a big waggy tail.....but not too sure what's happening right now

A Springer with a full tail

 Having a cuddle

So there you have it, our new dog, a 19 month old English Springer Spaniel. We picked him up on Sunday. His previous owners have looked after him very well, his behaviour is good and he's a really gentle soul. 

However he's not too cat friendly right now, well at least not yet, although he has lived with two cats. So all my spare time is spent with him on a lead in the house and a pocket full of treats until he gets the message that these cats are not on the menu...it's hard work! 

I have done this three times before and I just hope it doesn't take long.

The cats are doing so well and behaving perfectly. Of course they are used to dogs, which means they don't run or do anything that excites him too much. 

Well, it's time to go and try some more socialisation with the cats before bedtime. It's impossible to get near the laptop, type, blog and manage four animals, except in these rare moments when he's fast asleep.

So until next time, wishing you all well.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Decorating Helper and Garden in May

Any of you with pets will know that certain animals just can't help themselves and have to be involved in everything you do. My new desk arrived flat packed and fluffy cat turned up to investigate.....and help of course. Reading the instructions was obviously too much for him!

Desk fully assembled, but I still have to decorate the office. I also bought blinds for some of the rooms and put these up, they do like very nice. Fluffy cat has inspected my efforts and is now having a lie down after all his hard work.

The decorating continues

A Blackbird family with two chicks visit the garden everyday

The garden is coming along nicely-part of the courtyard area

The terraces-starting to look a little better with plants and flowers

Lots of lovely old favourites and unexpected plants in the garden

A new member of CT's Pigeon Watching Club

Now Teddy and Poppy, I'm just showing off, here I am having a chat with a herring gull which is why I think I'm a suitable member even though I'm feline.

Hello to Monika and family who have just moved to Brixham, we had a great Sunday morning eating pastries, drinking tea and looking round their beautiful new house and spectacular garden.

I also have to say hello to Trevor and Anita who we met last week, we haven't seen them since we moved.....hello!

Brixham News

This Saturday is the start of a five day festival celebrating Brixham and its heritage. Come along to Brixfest if you can. You can find out more about it here

Bring your swimming costumes-The beautiful Shoalstone Seawater Pool opens this weekend-congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to keep this unique place open-here's hoping you have a wonderful season ahead.

Whilst I get back to the decorating, I wish you all a happy and safe holiday week ahead.
Until next time

Monday, 11 May 2015

A Coastal Walk

I took a lovely walk around Broadsands this weekend. We've had such changeable weather and really not good for the beginning of May in Devon, but it's warming up nicely now.

Pretty wild flowers along the lanes and a few old seed heads still in the hedgerow

Walking down the lane

I saw quite a few birds collecting food for their young

A great looking nesting spot, I'll have to check who will be taking up residence

Maybe this little fella?

Our house is in there somewhere

Down to Elberry Cove where we swim in summer

Isn't this pathetic?...All that Torbay can come up with in this beautiful place....a  completely inappropriate looking and knackered bin...it's an eyesore...nothing but the best for our 
beauty spots hey?

Anyway, moving on to better things...some new beach huts under construction at Broadsands

A group out on the water and heading around the headland towards Brixham

Enjoying a bath

Hidden in the rocks (I think they are in better focus...but it's quite a distance away)

Coming into land

Having a rest on the quiet dog free beach

An Oystercatcher arrives

What else can you see?

I almost missed these guys, luckily I brought my binoculars 

Sharing the waters edge

Time is flying by folks. I can't believe how quickly the weeks are coming around. It might be partly to do with the massive decorating task we are in the middle of. It's no fun and very time consuming! 

So without further delay...time to switch on the steamer and pick up the scraper.

I hope you are all enjoying May, a beautiful month for getting out and about, take care all.
Until next time