Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Everybody Meet Rufus

Clues to what's been keeping me away from blogging over these last few days...where are we going?....and what are we going for?

Liver and white with a big waggy tail.....but not too sure what's happening right now

A Springer with a full tail

 Having a cuddle

So there you have it, our new dog, a 19 month old English Springer Spaniel. We picked him up on Sunday. His previous owners have looked after him very well, his behaviour is good and he's a really gentle soul. 

However he's not too cat friendly right now, well at least not yet, although he has lived with two cats. So all my spare time is spent with him on a lead in the house and a pocket full of treats until he gets the message that these cats are not on the menu...it's hard work! 

I have done this three times before and I just hope it doesn't take long.

The cats are doing so well and behaving perfectly. Of course they are used to dogs, which means they don't run or do anything that excites him too much. 

Well, it's time to go and try some more socialisation with the cats before bedtime. It's impossible to get near the laptop, type, blog and manage four animals, except in these rare moments when he's fast asleep.

So until next time, wishing you all well.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I am sooooo pleased for you xx

  2. Well guess what RUFUS is the married name of my daughter and today the three of them
    returned home after a wonderful weeks holiday with us.

  3. He's lovely!
    Margaret P across the Bay

  4. He's adorable. Good luck!

  5. Hello Rufus!!!! Make sure that you are a good doggy and don't chase the cats, your Mummy will not like it, and trust me, cats don't taste nice! There are much nicer treats and snacks you can have instead! I hope that you are very happy in your new home, you have a lovely Mum and Dad! xx

  6. Rufus looks a lovely dog Suzie - there will be lots of fun and walks with him - enjoy

  7. Hello Rufus
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. He's a cutie and what a lovely name. It suits him.

  9. Goodness, he really is gorgeous :)

  10. A handsome new addition to the family SS, fingers crossed that the training goes smoothly and both canine & feline residents can live in peaceful harmony :-) I have to say that Springers are one of my favourite breeds and that I have a soft spot for most members of the 'gundog' group (proper dogs as my father would say!).

    Kindest regards and best wishes to all :-)

  11. Well done, taking him in when he needed rehoming. He looks a sweetheart and I hope he will soon realize cats are out of bound and not to be chased.

  12. Such a soulful face, Rufus is lovely - hope all goes well with the training:)

  13. How lovely to meet Rufus, he looks such a handsome fellow! I hope he will soon settle down with the cats. I'm sure you all we have such fun with him and lots of wonderful walks. Sarah x


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