Sunday, 22 November 2015

Cat Flap Harry and Mrs Blackbird

Harry has found a great use for the cat flaps, he can see through doors. Very handy when food is being prepared.

A perfect fit too!

It's a dogs life indeed, this is the way Harry sleeps in my husbands arms

Or in his bed

Harry fell about 4 feet and crashed to the ground. One of those horrible moments when you think he's going to be in serious trouble with broken limbs, but luckily not. He needed 4-5 days complete rest, anti-inflammatory meds, then 15 minute lead walks and now we have just built back up to proper running around like a crazy Springer again. 

I've had a number of poorly pets this last month. The grey cat in the photo below became quite ill, although the vet didn't know what it was. After several days he picked up again, but this is his pal Percy snuggling up to him when he was very unwell.

I don't know how people find enough driftwood to make things. This is all I've managed to find that actually looks like something!

I thought..... a little boat, or maybe a rabbit! What do you see?

An update on Mrs Blackbird.

She's looking much better after moulting. I think the mites have reduced dramatically from around her leg, although she still limps.

I managed to get these fairly decent images of her without frightening her away. She has been enjoying the buggy nibbles and meal worms which I've put under the hedge for her every day.

I've also had a couple of visitors to the back garden, and I'm just so glad the hedge cutting didn't scare them off, as I have so few garden birds.

One of those moments when I had the camera in my hand after photographing Mrs Blackbird.

Not great images because I was inside the house, but this little Wren comes into the garden almost every day.

I can't believe I have not managed a post for so long. Hubby has changed his hours and days at work which has meant we rarely get the same days off, it's chaotic but only temporary. Harry needed lots of looking after and the car to take him walkies, which meant I had to drop Hubby at work and pick him up so that I had the car. 

We've had lots going on and then lots of planned things cancelled due to the weather. Sadly stargazing at Berry Head was postponed and then cancelled and just last week a candlelight walk around Greenway House gardens was cancelled due to the storms.

I was so looking forward to that one. However Greenway will be decorated for Christmas and that's one thing I am not going to miss this year.

I think posting for the moment will be monthly if I can keep up. I was also thinking of a new blog, since I don't get out as much in Brixham and when I do it's usually for domestic things rather than pleasure. I'll have to see how I feel over the next few months.

Wishing you peace in these terrible times
Until next time