Sunday, 14 June 2015

Not what we planned

We all have times in our lives that didn't turn out as planned and I think we've just had ours. I guess this last 12-15 months should just be written off as a period we never want to repeat! 

However we must look on the bright side and of course we must also consider ourselves very lucky too. I'll start with the good, then the bad and end on a positive note.

 A beautiful and unusual cloud formation over Torbay recently, taken at sunset

The dog we have had to surrender. We are so sad to say that Rufus has been returned to the rescue centre due to some serious behavioural problems. We feel like we have lost a pet and are emotionally exhausted by this whole episode. This is the reason I have not been able to get time to post or blog at all. 
Poor Rufus is not quite right, he attacked a few dogs and in his last attack bit the owner of the dog he was attacking. It was a dreadful experience. I was emotional, tearful and shaking for the rest of the day. The poor man was bleeding badly, but at least his dog did not get seriously injured.

Taking on a rescue dog is always a bit of an unknown, but we have had three wonderful dogs in the past. They all needed some sorting out but nothing like Rufus. You just could not believe that such a cute little Springer could attack the way he did.

The cats on the other hand, are extremely happy!

 Now for the positive things. Our kitchen has been tiled

You may remember our dining room photo from a previous post

Here it is with a new window and the plaster drying out

In the end after stripping all the wallpaper off, we had all the walls re-plastered as they were in a bad way. A much bigger job than we had anticipated and a much bigger bill...however it looks great and will be easy to maintain.

We also discovered this floor underneath the old carpets...not bad, and we are sure it'll look lovely when cleaned and polished

However some areas have been hacked at, but rugs will cover that up quite easily

So there you have it!

Tiling, plastering, flooring, happy cats, poor dog, poor man with bitten hand and a physically and emotionally exhausted SeagullSuzie and husband.

I'm going to take a short break from blogging, but will check up on your posts regularly.

Until next time, happy blogging and wishing you all a happy few weeks ahead in the beautiful month of June.