Saturday, 13 February 2016

Stormy Morning

I thought you'd like to see the storm that arrived this morning in Torbay. I took the dog out first, got soaking wet and then popped back with the camera to catch these images at Broadsands.

The car park was closed to traffic and completely flooded

You'd need your wellies, waders or maybe a boat to get to the pay and display ticket machine below. Even then I don't think I'd fancy pressing buttons on something electrical whilst standing in this water.

I took shelter in the beach cabins along the seafront, mainly to protect the bridge camera although the lens needs a good clean now

The sea was rough with beautiful waves not often seen on this coastline

A herring gull had a surprise

This tough bird was still standing even after the wave went over it, although it does look a little shocked don't you think?

Heading back to the car, the lane to Elberry Farm was flooded

I'm going to take a break from posting for a while, probably until the end of March, but I'll still take a look at your posts although I may not get to comment all the time. 

Work commitments are high at the moment as the unit I work for is moving location (well we're being kicked out by the university and moving to an NHS trust location), the administration staff are leaving (as they work for the university) and we have to set everything up as new. This includes all my IT as the work laptop has to be returned to the university before the end of our current contract. I'm busy searching for a new business laptop. I'll have to transfer everything across and install everything I know how it's always a complete pain!

As well as that, to support the unit I've taken on extra hours, so I've a lot less time to do the things I like and just can't keep up. To add to these troubles, I've let a load of stuff pile up (my CPD) which needs to be recorded electronically. I don't mind doing that and to be honest it's not something I struggle with, but it's just the sheer volume...very stupid of me I know, and all my own fault!

I've popped the results of my Big Garden Birdwatch onto a page under the header of My Gardens on the right hand side of the blog. I've decided to put some details and images of my previous gardens into this slot...I've made a start with the chickens I used to have.

Totally forgot to update the weather records!

Anyway, wishing you all a safe and healthy time ahead and happy blogging.
Until April

Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Nice Day Out

 Today is my birthday, flowers of course, from a magnolia tree

and a lovely present from hubby.

We went to Paignton Zoo

The big cats were out in the sunshine

The Red Panda, she is curled up high in this tree and wasn't coming down to say hello

The parkland at Paignton Zoo is very natural 

The Pelicans are always so easy to photograph

Griffin enjoying Winterwatch and mouse-maze

The source of all our troubles for the past week. 

We were back at the vets this morning with Percy who has been very unwell and went downhill last night quite suddenly. We both didn't sleep very well and I was up very early to check on him. Hopefully he'll pick up now and is looking better after some injections. He starts a course of antibiotics tomorrow.

One of the reasons I'm a bit behind with blogging, that and the fact that I'm doing extra hours at work for the next couple of months. Thank you for all you lovely comments on my last post. I'll be replying soon and catching up with your posts in the next few days.

No pilates for me tonight, getting a Chinese meal and putting our feet up with a glass of wine.

Hope you are all well
Until next time