Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Purrfect Entertainment

I came across Seahue via YouTube videos this morning. A wonderful collection of films and photography from Seahue found by accident when looking for some films to entertain cats...I know...what can I say....Griffin was bored!

Since his x-rays revealed the cause of his pain and he now takes regular anti-inflammatory medicine, he's a new cat, full of fun, interest and mischief. 

Something had to be done so that I could get on with my work in peace and I found "Party at the snow hole" - Blue Jays and Red Squirrels 

I think Seahue will be entertaining Griffin for many weeks to come....and Percy joined in too, he particularly likes the squirrels.

Well work is getting in the way of life and I just cant keep up. 

I'm working full steam ahead until the end of September, and then life should return to normal. I can go out more, take photographs and generally enjoy life with Hubby, friends, the pets and the garden.

One of the things having the most impact on my blog/photography etc, is working all day on the computer. It's having a really serious effect on my eyes making them very tired and I need to rest them. I love to read too and have a stack of books and magazines piling up-but my eyes just wont take it....a sign of getting old!

I'm trying to keep up with your lives and blogs and am using Google+ to post news items, but I can't seem to get time to comment or write posts properly. I also have a new smart was smarter than me for a while...but I've got it now and use it to take a few snaps when I'm out walking Harry.

I shall attempt a new approach, quick posts with camera photos and see how I get on.

Until next time
Take care all and happy blogging