Sunday, 19 June 2016

Spring Flowers 2016 Macro Style

A day off last week and the weather was still, and bright but not too sunny, so I took up my macro lens and went out to capture the colours of spring in my back garden. Inspired by all your spring posts recently, I really wanted to write this one.

Clematis, wonderful colours in this close up

One of my favourites, Sisyrinchium striatum

Above and below are my scented geraniums-just outside the office door. The pale flowers below attract early bees (as frost is not a problem here).

Olives and strawberries

Aquilegia-which has self sown all over the back garden, I must collect some seeds and get it into the front garden

Geraniums ready to burst into flowers possibly Geranium Rosemoor as it's a deep shade of violet, with stripes and the bees love it.

Grass moths I think!


A beautiful soft pink rose climbing up the rustic arch

One I brought with me Rose Rambling Rector, a present from my friend Kathy, fabulous scent and attractive to bees

Another unknown rose but with such beautiful pink striped petals when open

Cotoneaster horizontalis below whose flowers are irresistible to bees, I can't get enough of this planted around the garden, if you want happy bees make sure you have it in your garden

There you have it, a glimpse of the back garden in June, mostly plants that were already here-they just needed a bit of help. Clearing and making space and light has really brought this garden on. You may remember when it looked like this.....

and then in January 2016.....just starting clearing again. Can you see how much hedge was cut back? It was leaning all the way over to the arch in the photo above.

and the final finished plot, looking a lot smarter and larger with room to grow. Removing the fence panels really made a big difference and let so much more light through. 

Now the front garden is in transition and a post will follow later this year with before and after photos. I'm making a wildlife garden, so everything I plant is wildlife friendly, especially for bees, butterflies and other insects.

I leave you with these pretty flowers and wish you happy blogging until our return.

SeagullSuzie signing out

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Beach Litter Plastic Isn't Fantastic

Holidays bring something extra to our beaches
Left by youngsters enjoying beautiful Elberry Beach during the last May half term holiday

We watched as they walked across Broadsands Green, arms and hands full of picnic food and drink in the evenings..............and this is what they left behind


"Save our planet Plastic Isn't Fantastic" left with the rest of the rubbish ...oh and some plastic

Do you ever sit and dream about having one wish granted? I do, it varies from serious humanitarian wishes, to frivolous wishes like all politicians can only tell the truth (I do like that one), but there is always this wish which amuses me "I wish that everyone who litters will find all the rubbish (including dog poo) they have ever left, chucked, thrown or dropped, piled high on their most favourite or prized inanimate object"

If only they had paid as much attention to their environment and cleaning up as they did to their appearance - looking like extras from the cast of Hollyoaks with less brains!

Meanwhile people are so quick to blame herring gulls for making a mess and being a nuisance....really!

You know whose side I'm on.

Not wanting to leave you with a 'rubbish post' I'm going to schedule a post for next week as we are off on holiday to the west coast of Scotland to a place called Ardnamurchan. At the moment I'm busy packing and I can tell you Harry has his own bag (leads, towels, poopy bags, Sudocreme, antiseptic spray, ear wipes, toys)...and then his bowls and food on the day. If only I could train him to do his own packing!

Happy blogging

SeagullSuzie signing out until after the holiday

Friday, 10 June 2016

Torbay Air Show This Weekend

Just a quick post to let you know we are looking forward to the first ever Torbay Air Show which starts today and ends on Sunday evening.

Have a look at these guys Twister Aerobatics Team who will be performing a twilight pyrotechnic display tonight-fabulous.

The Red Arrows will be here over the weekend too, here are some images from their last fly over that I took from the front garden with the bridge camera.

Wow as I'm typing this post the Eurofighter Typhoon has just flown over doing a test flight-fantastic, see what else is here from the military this weekend.

I wish Torbay Council and all the supporters and organisers the best of luck for this first ever show.

I am a little worried about the weather though!

SeagullSuzie signing out

Monday, 6 June 2016

Common Dolphins in Brixham

A pod of 8-10 Common Dolphins inside Brixham Breakwater on 22nd May from Mike Langman

Over the last few days Mike and others report via Twitter that a Bee Eater has been seen and heard in Paignton, near Clennon Valley Lakes and Galmpton. All very close to where I live...wouldn't it be lovely to have it visit?...although I'd feel sorry for the bees!

If you'd like to see a fabulous image and know more about this colourful bird please click on this link from ARKive (beautiful photography of life on earth by the way).

SeagullSuzie signing out for now