Monday, 5 September 2016

Badger Cull News From Devon Wildlife Trust

Badger cull in Devon
The government has announced new areas for badger culling in 2016 - and two of the areas are in Devon. We don't yet know the exact location of the cull zones but licences have been issued for culling in both North and South Devon. A minimum of 3,358 Devon badgers are to be killed.
Devon Wildlife Trust continues to oppose the unscientific, inhumane, costly and ineffective badger cull. Learn more about DWT's position on the badger cull and bovine TB here
What you can do
The Wildlife Trusts have launched an e-petition calling on the government to end the badger cull. The e-petition, endorsed by The Wildlife Trusts' President Emeritus Simon King, has been signed by more than 26,000 people in the first 48 hours - add your voice and sign the petition here
Dealing with bovine TB
DWT works with farmers every working day of the year - many farmers are key allies in our work to protect threatened bats, butterflies and farmland birds. DWT recognises the devastating impact of bovine TB on the farms and rural communities where we work.
But DWT takes decisions on land management based on the best available scientific information - and there is robust evidence that culling badgers will make the bovine TB problem worse. Read more about how DWT proposes dealing with bovine TB here
What will happen to badgers on DWT reserves?
Devon Wildlife Trust will not permit culling on any of our land. A number of DWT nature reserves with badger setts might fall inside a cull zone but shooters do not have permission to enter our reserves. DWT plans to vaccinate badgers on these reserves once adequate supplies of vaccine are available.
The science behind bovine TB and badger culling
The Wildlife Trusts believe the errors and contradictions of the pilot badger culls mean they are scientifically unsound. And the research from the world's most comprehensive scientific study of the effect of badger culling on levels of bovine TB in badgers and cattle concluded that badger culling could make no meaningful contribution to control of bovine TB in cattle. Find out more
Thank you to the DWT for allowing me to reproduce the information from their eNewsletter

If you'd like to know more Ragged Robin's Nature Notes has plenty of information at

Killing our native wildlife is not the answer to this problem, we must work to find a better way.


  1. TB is spread from the cattle to the Badgers and not the other way around. Once again we are witnessing the ineptitude of politicians.

    1. Thanks for your reply Mel, I can't help feeling that farming practices have a lot to do with the spread of TB, although I feel for the farmers. There must be a better way.

  2. So good to see the Wildlife Trusts coming out against this Suzie - a very interesting post and thank you so much for the mention.

    The whole thing is so unscientifically unsound and I am so sad and very very angry especially about extending the inhumane slaughters to new areas when it isn't even working in the areas where they have been killing badgers for several years.

    If you are on Twitter (not sure about facebook as I don't use it) there have been tweets of zones in Devon (and other killing areas) showing likely locations. Let me know if you are on Twitter and I will try and retweet the possible Devon zones. I was reading a really sad story on there the other day about a wildlife friendly farm right in the middle of one of the zones who are horrified and having to feed their badgers every night to keep them on their land and stop them wandering and also they have to stay up every night to guard the sett in case shooters trespass and kill them. Apart from it being so unscientific, inhumane, senseless and uneconomic it will surely effect tourism in cull areas and even cause conflict within communities. Sorry am starting to rant! I don't think I can remember an issue that has made me so angry. Just hope enough people sign Simon King's petition in the hope that a parliamentary debate will be held and it might bring the awfulness of it all to more people's attention. I do wonder at times if enough of the general public know about the issue.

    1. Lets hope the Gov will see sense...but I doubt it...bunch of numpties. Killing is easier and they wont back down...wont be long before fox hunting with dogs is back. Not on twitter as I have enough trouble keeping up with everything IT as it is.
      The whole thing is madness!

  3. I still can't really believe such a terrible thing is happening, when the science and evidence has proved that culling won't eradicate Bovine TB. I've signed the petition and written to my MP (again) but the govt isn't listening. I hope there can be some safe havens for badgers in the cull zones, but of course so many will be lost.

    1. Many will be's a wildlife disaster and I feel sick that I can do nothing to stop it.

  4. They have been culling badgers, much to people's anger, in Gloucestershire for the past two years. I don't understand why it is not possible to vacinate cattle against TB

    1. The whole situation is disgusting, our Gov't do nothing unless there's something in it for them and killing voiceless animals is easy compared to standing up to the farmers and saying enough of this nonsense...lets sort this out intelligently.


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