Saturday, 19 November 2016

Eden Project First Visit

I took far too many photos, so in order to cut them down into something you can view without falling asleep, I've divided them up into sections. I hope this will give you an idea of the wonderful Eden Project.

The layout

The plants

The sculptures

Beautiful garden design

From sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, The Rising Tide, which was in the River Thames in London. To find out a bit more about it click here

A cuppa before entering the biomes in the lovely restaurant between the domes

The Rainforest Biome

Photography and information on the loss of habitat and effect of greed on indigenous populations is presented in this biome. The photographs and information boards (like the one below) are poignant.

Giant metal flower sculptures hang from the roof along the Rainforest Canopy Walkway

Waterfalls cascade

Fruit grows

The loggers effect

Lush vegetation

 The Mediterranean Biome

The Med Terrace Restaurant is beautiful. You can have weddings here, just imagine that!

The Rites of Dionysus sculpture

Cork pig sculptures

Gardens from South Africa to California

We both thought this was an amazing place to visit and we can't wait to go back again. I hardly know where to start to try and explain what they do here and how it made me feel, so in a very few words: educational, emotional, artistic, and extraordinary!

Please visit and support this marvellous project in Cornwall. Tip for visiting-go outside the school holidays, during the week. We went at the end of September on a warm and sunny Friday.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour and it's inspired you to go.

Until next time

Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Little Tour Of Scotland

Loch Linnhe is beautiful and very large, it's got to be my favourite Loch and during our summer holiday we travelled around it and across it several times. Has anyone been watching Great Canal Journeys? This stretch of water was featured in the first episode of a two part Scotland trip.

On our way to Fort William we stopped (as many tourists do) at Fort Augustus to see the Caledonian Canal on the edge of Loch Ness

One boat going down

but a full house going up, it was very entertaining viewing!

Urquhart Castle has changed a lot since we last visited. They have really closed it off from view so that the only way to see it is to pay and dogs aren't allowed (I don't mind either of those things at all, but it just seems so mean spirited). The landscaping has been configured, rater meanly in my view, in terracing with high trees and thick shrubs like an impenetrable barrier. I managed this shot through a very small hole in their defences!

Another day out with a drive over to Ockle and we saw these four sheepdogs keeping watch. The one on the far right was the bravest and came over to see what was for our lunch, but the others stayed put. 

We had a picnic and sat by a bridge overlooking a river (possibly the River Ockle) as we were at the small hamlet of Ockle

You'll have to confirm this sighting, I think the Beautiful Demoiselle? There were two flying about by the water and they looked like butterflies from a distance.

On our way back more Hairy Highlanders with a little one

Our holiday wouldn't be complete without a trip to Mull and Tobermory is the pretty port where the ferry lands from Ardnamurchan. We stopped here and had a delicious lunch at a cafe in an old converted church called The Gallery. 

Some slightly more unusual sightings on our day out, a sand man!

A horsefly looking beautiful in the sunshine, although a bite from one of these can be extremely painful

On our way home we travelled with Caledonian MacBrayne from Kilchoan on Ardnamurchan over to Mull and then down the coast of Mull to Craignure to catch the ferry over to Oban. The ferry travels across the Firth of Lorne at the entrance to Loch Linnhe. 
This is Lismore Lighthouse on Eilean Musdile, built in 1833.

And there you have it, four instalments from our holidays in wonderful Scotland. We are planning our next trip already.

I'm not getting much free time for blogging right now, but I've got a post and pics to do on our trip to the Eden Project which was wonderful.

Until next time, take care all