Thursday, 27 April 2017

Torbay Humpback Whale Update

I tried very hard to get some photos, but I was so excited. It was hard to concentrate and not want to just put the camera down and enjoy the whale via binoculars instead. So here are the 'not very good' photos I managed to get. Below - splashes from the tail slap.

In the photo below the whale has breached the water and is splashing down, you can just make out a tiny bit of the body if you look very hard and use your imagination!

The blowhole spray, which is what I noticed first out in the water, a huge mist which looked like a ghostly windsurfer. I couldn't make it out so I got up to take a closer look with binoculars.

Just managed to catch the tail...if you look very closely

This whale has had a few adventures around our coast, it managed to get trapped in fishing line and was rescued twice in a short period of time at the end of March and in early April, see the photos from the RNLI here as they cut it free.

On April 11th the same whale was apparently seen in Falmouth (identified by the rope burns around the tail) and you can see fabulous photos here and a video. However now they think it was a different whale.

Maybe next year we'll be treated to the same delights and I can only hope that in twelve months we'll be a step closer to caring more for our wonderful oceans and the creatures that live in them....but then again maybe not!

You may be interested in the story concerning one of the worlds biggest cruise operators 'Princess Cruises' and the illegal dumping of their waste into our seas over many years.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

The Minack Theatre

Another forgotten post. We booked tickets for The Minack to see a comedy and were very lucky with the weather.

Originally owned and built in the 1930's by Rowena Cade (and her gardener Billy Rawlings), The Minack Theatre is simply wonderful.

Fantastic views of Porthcurno Beach where Rowena Cade used many tons of sand to help build the concrete used for the seating.

Gannets flying over us and behind the stage

The Miracle Theatre Company performing The Magnificent Three

The Moon coming up

End of the evening after the performance

Absolutely worth a visit if you're down that way
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