Friday, 19 May 2017

Spring Flowers and Humming-bird Hawk-moth

Beautiful apple blossom

 A stunning little apple tree I bought last year-tough and sturdy it withstands the easterly and westerly winds in the north facing front garden

Pulmonaria-looking great this year and giving the bees a valuable early food source. This was a little plant given to me by my friend Anne many years ago. I propagate it regularly and it's moved house many times.

Another favourite- Geum (unknown name) bought many years ago from Dove Cottage Nursery at a plant fair and another house mover. Sadly it doesn't attract many insects. However this has been the best year for it in many years as it usually gets mildew.

Looks lovely mixed into the garden as the flowers stand well above the leaves 

Frost is not a thing we see in Torbay very often but early in December we had a very hard frost and it produced a beautiful mist across the bay.

Percy was not impressed and decided to get comfortable in his snuggle bag.

Boo snoozing in the long warm spell of weather in April and probably the driest spring we've had for many years

A garden project-ugly wall

Transformed with the help of the front of an old beach hut they were clearing off site, a chainsaw and two strong men (husband and gardener friend Chris).

Decorating is finally finished, I love this wood panel effect wallpaper in the hall.

A quick catch up on the house and garden, and the first time I had a moment to myself , I should have posted this weeks ago.

Best of all I've had a humming-bird hawk-moth in the garden feeding on Centranthus ruber (red valerian). I was able to get quite close and see it feeding on the flowers. last a photo in focus, very hard to do as it moves so quickly.

Only the third time in my life I've ever seen one.

Until next time

Friday, 5 May 2017

Trebarwith Strand

I realised that I never got to post these photos. It seems crazy that it was now so long ago. What is happening to time?... it goes so quickly! Trebarwith Strand is over by Tintagel, on the North Cornwall Coast and we've had a few holidays over that way, even when we lived 'up north'.

The Port William where we have stayed is very close to the edge and in fact has lost part of the car park to erosion in the last few years.

Do you fancy a walk?

 Along this beautiful coastline perhaps, when the tide is fully out you can walk all the way to the end of this view. Low tide reveals a long sandy beach.

Deceptive tidal movements here as you must catch the tide on its way out or you get trapped-many people each year do. They end up on the rocks below in need of rescue.

Things to see

Not sure I fancy this house much

People have decorated their cottages with beach finds

A Stonechat posed for the camera

So there you have it, a visit to Trebarwith Strand is worth it if the tide is out and you can take a stroll around Tintagel whilst waiting.

Until next time