Broadsands Litterwatch

I'm going to record the litter problems this year - 2017

19th October 2016, these were the only bins left at Broadsands and so were packed full over the half term break. TOR2 seemed unable to empty them.

19th June 2017 8.10am Monday morning after the weekend and a very sunny Sunday

Every single bin along the promenade was left like this, in the distance the TOR2 beach cleaner had started to empty the bins. 

Litter has been left like this all afternoon and overnight. Bins are too small and not emptied over the whole day and evening time as the beach cleaner leaves the site at about 2pm and nothing is done until the following morning.

Elberry Cove same date and time, bags are what we've collected, no bins on Elberry, and we can't seem to get TOR2 to put a big bin on here and arrange to empty it.

Last year 2016 litter problems

You may remember when I asked for a bin for Elberry in May 2015, this is what we got! Appropriate for a place of natural beauty don't you think? Must have been dragged up from the bottom of the sea.

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