Brixhams Heritage Fishing Fleet

If you walk along the marina you are likely to see a few of these magnificent heritage trawlers in Brixham harbour. Here's some information about these rare and beautiful boats. I took these images at the Heritage Boat Race during Brixfest 2013.

Vigilance BM76

A 78 foot fishing trawler built in 1926. This heritage trawler is regularly maintained and upgraded and is available to the public for 3 hour visitor sailing during the summer. Its often seen in Torbay and you can take a closer look when it's moored at Brixham Public Pontoon.
For sailing times and much more information visit Vigilance of Brixham 

Pilgrim BM45

A 74 foot sailing trawler built in 1895. The Pilgrim has just been restored, with new 60 foot Douglas fir masts and is often about in Torbay.
Take a look at this terrific website Pilgrim of Brixham for lots more information and National Historic Ships Pilgrim Information  

Provident BM28

The Provident is a 95 foot fishing trawler, built in 1924. This boat belongs to Trinity Sailing Foundation Trinity Sailing Foundation and has just had major done work to restore her keel.
National Historic Ships Provident Information

Leader BM156

This is one of the largest and oldest of the Brixham heritage fleet. 105 foot long and built in 1892. The Leader has recently undergone massive restoration and refit and also belongs to Trinity Sailing Foundation. National Historic Ships Leader Information  


Regard  BM95 

(re-named in 1949), was called Our Boy, built in 1933, 52 foot long. We don't see this boat very often here, as under private ownership in Maylandsea in Essex.
National Historic Ships Our Boy Information


Golden Vanity

This is the smallest of the fishing fleet at 53 feet and built in 1908. She is quite noticeable as she has one mast and red and white sails (not open in this picture), so is easy to spot from shore. In 1981 she was a derelict boat in Brixham, but was saved and restored. Now belongs to Trinity Sailing Foundation and see National Historic Ships Golden Vanity Information

Torbay Lass (Kenya Jacaranda) 

Length 77 foot, built 1923, registered number BM163. The Torbay Lass is in a desperate  state rotting in Tilbury docks. A major campaign to save her is underway before she is sent for scrap. See more at Torbay Lass Appeal and National Historic Ships Save Torbay Lass 

Update January 2015  Ownership has transferred to the Heritage Marine Foundation. The vessel has been moved from Tilbury to Downs Road Boatyard in Maldon where she is laid up in a mud berth awaiting restoration and rebuild. She will be renamed Torbay Lass. Source: The Heritage Marine Foundation.